Clear Out Clutter with a DIY Chalkboard Crate

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I mentioned a couple of days ago that I’m in the process of cleaning up my home office. This room is much more than just a home office, I think I’ve done a pretty good job of dividing up the space and making different areas function for different purposes like entertainment, homeschooling, even a small area for my product photography. Like most cleaning tasks as I begin to clean up an area I come across items that we no longer use, need, or want so I often have quite a bit to donate at the end of my cleaning spree. While going through some of the things in our home office space, I began collect a lot of different items I would like to donate. This spawned a impromptu DIY project using an old wooden crate and some chalkboard paint I had laying about. I thought instead of having ugly trashbags laying about in various rooms I was trying to organize, why not have a dedicated crate that wasn’t such an eye sore that I could take from room to room whenever I was doing a deep cleaning. That way when I come across something that needs to be donated, I can toss into the crate and then bag it all up when I’m done.

So to begin the project, I first put down a drop cloth over my work area. And with a 2″ brush applied two coats of Chalkboard Paint allowing to dry completely between both coats. Once it was completely painted I left it to dry for several days before I began to use a piece of chalk to write on it.

I think it looks great even without anything labeled on it. I do however have a bit of an obsession with chalkboard paint as I have already painted a coffee table, bookshelf, and even my office desk with the stuff.

This crate can be used to store all sorts of things and with a piece of chalk its purpose can easily be changed from items that need to be donated to maybe a space to store your library books until they need to be returned to the library. So far, I’m loving this little chalkboard crate. Right now, it’s current home is in my office where it is holding all of the items that will be bagged up and taken to Goodwill. There is no telling what room it might end up in next.

What was the last DIY project you completed?

The Domestic Diva
The Domestic Diva

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