Yogurt: A Great Option for Any Meal

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I’ve loved yogurt my whole life. I especially love fruit flavored yogurts. My favorite yogurt flavor is Strawberry Banana. As a part of the Walmart Moms, I was asked to visit my local Walmart to check out the variety of yogurt that they have to offer. So with the giftcard provided, I went to my local store and picked up several different varieties of yogurt for my family to try throughout the week.

The first thing I noticed at my local store is that the yogurt section is pretty big! So much so that I couldn’t fit it all in this one photo below. There are all kinds of different varieties of yogurt to choose from. From plain to light versions and even the most recently popular, greek yogurt. I liked that my store had well stocked shelves and a large variety to choose from.

With so many yogurt options available what types are the best during what part of day? I’m not a yogurt expert by any means but I can share with you what types of yogurt I prefer during certain times of day. However, my taste may differ from your own so I’d love to know what types of yogurt you like during different parts of the day.

Energize your morning with greek yogurt

I’m not much of a breakfast person. Other than coffee, I usually don’t eat breakfast that often. Since breakfast is the “most important meal of the day” I know that it is best to try and eat at least a little something in the morning to get my body going. Greek Yogurt is a great way to get that boost of energy in the morning. A 4 pack of Oikos Greek Yogurt at Walmart is $3.50. The small containers are just the perfect size for a quick breakfast before starting a busy day. Another greek yogurt that I’ve tried that is carried by Walmart that I like is Yoplait Blended Greek Yogurt.

Light Portable Lunch

Yogurt is a great lunchtime sidekick. Pair it with a salad or sandwich. Add it to your kids lunchbox or a bowl of fruit. These Muller FruitUp cups are a tasty lunch addition of yogurt and fruit mousse. A 4 pack at Walmart is $2.98.

Sweet Afternoon Treat

In the middle of the afternoon, like many, I begin to get tired and need a bit of a boost. The boys and I usually take a break from our homeschool studies for a bit to regain our thoughts. During this time we usually have a quick snack. Yogurt is a great option for snack time too. Prepackaged yogurt is an easy option with no clean up required. For Mom, Yoplait Fruplait ($2.50) is a delectable parfait like option bursting with rich fruit flavor. For the kids, my boys like to snack on Yoplait GoGurt ($2.18) either from the fridge or frozen from the freezer.

After Dinner Delight

For a sweet treat after dinner, Walmart also carries a variety of dessert flavored yogurts. I couldn’t resist trying out this YoCrunch Cookies and Cream yogurt ($.60 a cup) with Oreo’s that you stir in. Oreo’s are my favorite cookies. Combine that, with the smooth tangy-ness of yogurt and you’ve got a deliciously light dessert.

Yogurt in Large Containers for Recipes and Smoothies

And lastly, I liked seeing that Walmart carries a variety of their yogurt in larger containers. While the plain variety is great for use in recipes, I also liked seeing my favorite yogurt flavor, Strawberry Banana, carried in a large container which I use as the base in my smoothies. This large container of Great Value yogurt in my favorite flavor was just $2.48 for 32 oz.!

What is your favorite variety of yogurt? What recipe do you like to use yogurt in? What is your favorite flavor of yogurt?

Walmart momDisclosure: As a participant in the Walmart Moms Program, I’ve received compensation for my time and efforts in creating this post as well as given a giftcard to purchase the products mentioned in this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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