November Beauty Favorites: Soft and Smooth Winter Skin

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It’s a new month and it is finally starting to feel a bit like the holidays. Is it getting colder where you live? Some days its bitterly cold while others its still a tad bit too warm. With the fluctuation of temperatures and the need to cut the heater on in the house on really cold nights, I’ve noticed my skin has started feeling a bit drier than usual. So I thought this month I’d talk about some of my favorite products that help me transition into the winter months for soft, smooth skin.

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  1. Body Wash: I love a good smelling body wash. There is just something so invigorating about it in the mornings. I also like body washes that are moisturizing, especially in the winter months. To me, the smell and lather of a body wash is something one just can’t get from a bar soap. Body Washes are also a great companion to our next beauty favorite for this month:
  2. Bath Puff: paired with your favorite body wash, a bath puff is a must for any diva’s shower routine especially in the winter months. These bath puffs are fairly inexpensive as they can be found at stores like Walmart or the Dollar Tree for around $1. They do wonders for exfoliating the skin. In my experience they often times leave my skin feeling a lot softer, more so than a regular wash cloth. It is recommended they they be replaced every 30 days or so depending on how often they are used.
  3. Facial Cleansing Brush: this is a product that I’ve been hearing a lot about from fellow beauty gurus. There are pricier powered facial cleansing brushes on the market right now, but for me, for now this manual version works. The best part for me is the price. I found a similar brush at my local Dollar Tree for just $1 and it has been the best addition to my beauty bag in the last month.
  4. Back Scrub Brush: having long hair has it’s downfalls sometimes, after I started growing my hair out and it got to a certain length I noticed that I started having skin problems on my back due to using conditioner in my hair. Since I’m not willing to give up my favorite conditioner, I started using a back shower brush instead to make sure I’m reaching all the places I might have missed with my bath puff. It almost feels like a mini back massage when I use it. It has definitely been a great addition to my shower routine. I found this brush at my local Walmart store for less than $3.
  5. Lotion: some of you may remember, I recently reviewed the St. Ives Spray Fresh Hydration Lotion as my go-to lotion right now becauses it is the easiest for me to remember to apply and only takes a couple of minutes to do right after I hop out of the shower. The key to soft and smooth winter skin is keeping your skin hydrated and moisturized and one way to do that is with your favorite lotion. Find a lotion that you really love and that works well with your own skin.

What are your favorite shower or bath products for soft, smooth winter skin?

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