DIY: “Go For The Gold!” Medal Kids T-shirts

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2014 is the year of the Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia. And many around the world will be tuning in to cheer on their country to bring home the gold! As a homeschooling family, I’m excited that the winter games are this year as my youngest son just studied the history of Ancient Greece and how the games all began during his History class. We will be having a family watch party to watch all of the amazing athletes compete and to cheer for our country in the winter games.

As a Walmart Mom, I was given the opportunity to create a craft for the occasion so with the giftcard provided I went to my local Walmart to pick up all of the supplies that I needed. I knew I wanted to make a craft for the boys to get excited about watching the winter games as a family. Since all the athletes will be competing to “Bring Home the Gold”, I thought it would be fun to craft a gold medal inspired t-shirt that the boys could wear while we watch the games as they cheer for their team or favorite athlete.

Supplies Needed:

(supplies available at Walmart)

Additional Supplies Needed:

  • Cardboard T-shirt Board (or small piece of cardboard that fits inside t-shirt)
  • Flat Edge Medium Paintbrush
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Wide Mouth Mason Jar (or any big, round cup or glass)

First, I placed a cardboard t-shirt board (piece of cardboard the size of the shirt) in the middle of the shirt to prevent the paint from bleeding onto the other side. Then, I measured 7 inches from the neck of the shirt to the top of where I wanted our gold medal to be. Find the center of the shirt and use your wide mouth mason jar as a guide to pencil a circle onto the middle of the t-shirt. Next, measure 3 inches up from the top of the circle with your ruler and make a dot in the center of your shirt. This will be the end of the top of your ribbon. Use your ruler to line up the dot with the edge of the collar of the t-shirt at an angle. Keeping the ruler still, lightly draw a line from the collar of your t-shirt to your dot at an angle. Repeat on the other side so that you have made a “V” shape above the circle. To finish the ribbon, I measured 1 1/2 inches at various points along the top “V”. After I made several dots with my pencil, I lined my ruler up with the dots, the edge of the collar of my t-shirt, and the edge of our circle. Lightly make another pencil line as your guide for painting.

After our “medal” stencil is all drawn out onto our t-shirt with a pencil, it’s time to paint! I used a medium flat edge brush and first put the color that I want to paint the ribbon onto a paper plate. With your paintbrush paint the ribbon whatever color you would like making sure to paint as close to the pencil line as possible. After our “ribbon” was painted it was time to paint the gold of our medal. Use a different paint brush with a straight edge or rinse out the one you used to paint the ribbon. Just like with the ribbon squeeze a small amount of metallic gold paint onto a paper plate and paint the circle of our stencil making sure to paint right up to the pencil line.

Once the ribbon and the medal is all filled in with paint it’s onto hiding those pencil lines. For this I used the same Tulip Slick Fabric Paint that I used to paint the ribbon but instead of putting it onto a paper plate and dipping my paintbrush into the paint I very carefully with a steady hand going to outline the ribbon with a small line of paint. The paint tip on the Tulip Slick Fabric Paint has a fine point for outlining. To make an even paint line, keep the same amount of pressure when squeezing the paint bottle and also paint in small strokes instead of one continuous line. To outline our medal and add a bit more sparkle I used a Puffy Paint in Gold Glitter by Tulip. This paint gives a bit more dimension than the Slick Fabric Paint by Tulip and it also dries to a glitter.

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Once everything is painted gently place the t-shirt in a place where it won’t be disturbed and allow to dry. The dry time for the Tulip paint according to the package directions is 4 hours and it can be washed after 72 hours. I let our t-shirts dry overnight. Enjoy your “Go For the Gold” custom, handmade t-shirts and go TEAM!

Will you be tuning into the winter games? What is your favorite winter game?

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