Makeup Bag Travel Essentials: EOS Hand Lotion (review)

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If you’ve been following along on my blog recently you’ve noticed I’ve been focusing on beauty products that work well for travel. Keeping a stocked beauty bag of products that have small packaging but work when I’m on the go is a must. And today I’m sharing with ya’ll another travel beauty bag staple….hand lotion!

Have you ever been out and your hands are just so dry you wish you had some lotion? This happens to me quite often but I had never found a small enough hand lotion container that I felt the need to carry it around with me. I was recently contacted by a rep. for EOS Hand Lotion. With one look at the packaging I just knew this was going to be something that would make a perfect makeup bag travel essential.

After receiving my sample, I just had to try it out. What I first noticed about EOS Hand Lotion is that it was fast absorbing. This is great for on-the-go because you don’t want to have to be rubbing the lotion into your hands for a long period of time. I also LOVED that it didn’t leave my skin greasy or slippery. I hate nothing more than to apply hand lotion to my hands and then not be able to turn a doorknob or open something because my hands just slip right off. When using this product I didn’t have that problem. On the package it says that it has 24-hour moisture, this may or may not be true. One naturally washes their hands throughout the day and after doing so I always want to reapply my hand lotion because the soap just dries out my hands so much. EOS Hand Lotion does a great job of getting rid of that tight feeling and makes my hands feel so soft. And the smell….amazing! I loved the fresh scent of the cucumber. It just smelled very fresh and clean.

According to the package, EOS Hand Lotion contains many different ingredients to nourish your hands like shea butter, aloe, oats, plus antioxidants. It’s 96% natural, dermatologist tested, hypoallergenic, paraben-free, gluten-free, and contains no animal by-products. EOS Hand Lotion is about $1.99 at drugstores or online. I love the shape and size of this product. It’s perfect for throwing in a makeup bag that you carry around in your purse. There are also two other scents available besides the cucumber: berry blossom in pink and fresh flowers in blue. I’m definitely going to have to add these other two to my collection as I love the cucumber one so much. Just so I can have one at my desk in my home office, one on my nightstand in my bedroom, and one in my travel makeup bag.

What is your favorite, travel-friendly hand lotion? Have you tried the new EOS Hand Lotion? What do you think?

Disclosure: I was gifted with the EOS Hand Lotion mentioned in this post to try out for myself. As always, opinions are my own.

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