Makeup Bag Travel Essential: Travel Eyelash Curler

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The other day I was at my local Walmart to pick up something. What that something was, I can’t remember right now because I got a bit distracted in the beauty department. I’m always browsing through the beauty department of any store that I visit but especially at Walmart. So as I was browsing I came across these small funny shaped products that were in a basket in a variety of different colors. I knew that they were new as I had not seen them there before. But what were they?

I immediately picked up the pinkish looking one and starting checking it out. After a while it dawned on me (it was kind of late, it took a minute to register)….it’s a mini eyelash curler! I’m pretty sure I squealed a little bit in the middle of the aisle because I just knew that this would be a great feature for my “makeup bag travel essentials” blog series. The price was perfect too for just $.97! So, let’s take a closer look….

As you can see in the photos above, it is rather small. I love that it is so small because it’s always a pain for me to try and figure out how to fit my regular sized eyelash curler into my makeup bag when I travel. Curling one’s lashes makes a huge difference in the way that the eye looks. It opens up the eye making them look wider and more awake. I like that this eyelash curler came in a variety of different colors so you could pick up your favorite color to keep in your makeup bag that you keep in your purse, that is where mine will live now permanently.

Unlike a regular sized eyelash curler, this one does have a bit of a learning curve because it is so small. But as you can see in the photos it does open up with a handle so one can curl their lashes in relatively the same way as a regular lash curler just on a much smaller scale. There is even an extra rubberized lash grip at the bottom of the product in case you do lose the one that is already attached. This is a great feature that I wouldn’t have thought that I needed but there have been many times where I would pull out my eyelash curler from my makeup bag and the lash grip would be missing. No lash grips means no curled lashes as the lashes just slip right out.

I’m very excited about this beauty find. For those that like to curl your lashes as a part of your beauty routine, a travel eyelash curler is a great travel makeup bag essential. It sure does make room for other beauty products in my beauty bag that I like to have with me when I’m out and about.

Have you ever used a travel sized eyelash curler? What are your thoughts? Yay or Nay???

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  1. March 26, 2014 / 10:51 am

    What a neat and cute item! I need one of these in my life!!

    • March 26, 2014 / 10:06 pm

      Isn’t it cute! I’ve never seen a mini eyelash curler before, but apparently they have been around a while.