The Easy Way to make Rubber Band Bracelets: Monster Tail Rainbow Loom Review

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Long time readers of my blog know that I love any excuse to get my craft on and I especially love to make jewelry. I especially love craft projects that will get my boys excited about crafting as well. Not too long ago, I tried out a rubber band bracelet loom from Walmart that my boys have been enjoying creating their own custom bracelets from. So when Walmart asked me as a part of the Walmart Moms if I would like to try out a different kind of rubber band bracelet loom, I had to say yes.

The Easy Way for Kids to create Rubber Band Bracelets

The Monster Tail Rainbow Loom is new to Walmart stores. As soon as our sample arrived my boys were anxious to try it out. First of all, the packaging is very cute and appealing to boys. What boy wouldn’t want to make something called a “Monster Tail”?

Monster Tail Rainbow Loom Kit Review

Unlike the original Rainbow Loom, the Monster Tail Rainbow Loom is a lot easier to use in my opinion. One noticeable difference is that the Monster Tail loom is a lot smaller and compact. This makes it easier to carry from place to place and is also what gives Monster Tail bracelets their unique look. The Monster Tail Rainbow Loom kit comes with everything one needs to start creating easy rubber band bracelets: Monster Tail Loom, Hook & Mini Loom, 600 latex-free rubber bands, 25 large “c” clips, and an instruction manual on how to create two different types Monster Tail bracelets. Also, the box makes a great storage case with a place for all of the tools and rubber bands for easy bracelet making on-the-go.

How to Make a Monster Tail Rainbow Loom Rubber Band Bracelet

Another distinct difference between the original Rainbow Loom and the Monster Tail Rainbow Loom is that it weaves into itself. As you can see in the photo above, once you start weaving the “tail”/bracelet starts forming in the center of the loom. As you begin to weave your bracelet one tip I figured out is that once you have a “chain” starting to form on the underside of your loom, if you pull the rubber bands tight it will tighten up the bracelet allowing you to see how long the bracelet actually is. Since the Monster Tail Rainbow Loom weaves into itself I found it easier to make different sized bracelets.

The instructions are very basic in the manual with clear pictures and straight forward instructions on how to get started weaving your first bracelets. The only trouble we ran into is figuring out how to attach the “c” clips to our finished bracelets and removing them from the loom. But after a few trials and errors we figured out a method that worked best for us. Our first bracelet took about 45 minutes to an hour to complete but once we got the hang of it our weaving became much quicker. Kids could even make a fun game out of making rubber band bracelets to see who can weave a bracelet the fastest.

The Easy Way for Kids to Make Rubber Band Bracelets: Monster Tail Rainbow Loom Rubber Bracelet Kit Review

Overall, I think the Monster Tail Rainbow Loom is pretty great. I love the small, compact size of it and that the bracelets have a larger appearance once complete. I also like that it isn’t too difficult to figure out how to use it although the finished bracelets look as if it was a more complicated process. I’m sure my boys will be making lots of bracelets this summer as this is a great, easy craft for kids. Not only would this be a great craft for kids during the summer or on rainy afternoons but it would also make a great gift for those that are fans of the original Rainbow Loom as well. The Monster Tail Rainbow Loom is available at Walmart both in-store and online for $6.88.

Have your kids tried the Monster Tail Rainbow Loom? What are your thoughts on this product?

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