A New Way to Color Hair at Home: L’oreal Superior Preference Mousse Absolue Before and After Review (video)

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Coloring one’s hair at home can be a bit of a chore. There’s the mixing, the waiting, and the messes. Then a few weeks later the greys start showing up again and its time to start thinking about a touch-up application. It’s a cycle and if you color your hair then you know what I’m talking about.

I’m no stranger to coloring my hair at home as I’ve been doing it for as long as I can remember. I actually prefer to color my hair in the comfort of my own home versus going to a salon, not to mention that its a better budget friendly option. As a part of the Walmart Moms, I was given the opportunity to try out a new hair color unlike any other at-home hair color currently on the market. L’oreal Superier Preference Mousse Absolue is the first of its kind to offer not only ready-to-use at-home hair color but also reusable as well. That’s right, no mixing! Mousse Absolue has a unique two chamber design that keeps the two coloring formulas separated. The specifically designed applicator cap dispenses the right amount of color and developer into an easy to apply mousse.

Automatic Reusable Haircolor with Loreal Mousse Absolue

If you’ve ever colored your hair at home before, you know that it is not recommended to keep leftover hair dye for safety reasons. Loreal Superior Preference Mousse Absolue is different in that any remaining product can be stored for later use like root touch-ups, quickly covering greys, or refreshing all-over color. When it comes to touch-ups a few weeks later, the Mousse Absolue colors and blends seamlessly because it is the same dye used for the base all-over color.

Loreal Superior Preference Mouse Absolue

The L’oreal Superior Preference Mousse Absolue at-home hair color kit comes with everything one needs to apply a single all over color. The kit includes one dual chamber color mousse canister, a diffuser applicator, an after-color Care Supreme conditioner, User Guide, and 2 pairs of gloves. Mousse Absolue is available in 16 shades at Walmart for $13.97.

Applying Mousse Absolue is as easy as shampooing. First, shake the Mousse Absolue canister to activate and dispense with a push of a button directly onto the hair. I found that dispensing the Mousse Absolue into my hand first then applying it to my hair was easiest specifically when applying it to the back of my head. Massage the mousse into the hair, paying close attention to the roots, to ensure all of the hair is completely saturated with the formula. Be sure the apply Mousse Absolue in a well ventilated area as the scent was a bit strong. After the recommended coloring time according to the user guide, it’s time to rinse until the water runs clear. I liked that my hair felt soft when I was rinsing out the color. After applying the Care Supreme conditoner, that smelled great, my hair felt noticeable softer. The Care Supreme conditioner contains a UV-Filter, Vitamin E, and conditioning serum to keep hair color looking vibrant and heathy-looking.

How to color your hair with Loreal Mousse Absolue

Depending on the length of hair, one may not need to use the entire canister of L’oreal Superior Preference Mousse Absolue. Because the dye and developer remain separated until use in the dual chambered canister, one can save the remaining formula for additional applications. If you have shorter hair you may be able to get two full applications out of one Mousse Absolue while medium length hair may get one full application and one touch-up. For longer hair one might get one full application depending on the thickness of hair. I have longer hair that is also thin, I was able to get one full application out of the Mousse Absolue with a bit leftover to target any stray greys that pop up between now and the time I need to re-color.

After photo of Loreal Mousse Absolue

Overall, I enjoyed my experience of trying out the L’oreal Superior Preference Mousse Absolue. I liked the ease of use and not having to mix anything prior to application. I also liked the smell of the after-color conditioner and how soft my hair felt after coloring. I think the ability to save any unused portion of Mousse Absolue is a great idea and I like that touch-ups can happen when it is most convenient for me using the same product as my all over color so it will blend easily.

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What has been your experience with at-home hair color?

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  1. Magic
    August 6, 2016 / 12:47 pm

    Which color did you use, shown in your photo? Was this pure dark brown, or medium brown, or a different one?

  2. Ginger
    August 8, 2016 / 12:43 am

    Which color did you use? :)

      • Magic
        August 9, 2016 / 9:33 pm

        Thank you! I was uncertain between Pure Dark Brown and Medium Brown. But now, seeing your look in your photo and knowing the color, makes me certain that I want Medium Brown. Thanks so much – really helps!