Beauty On-The-Go: Affordable Travel Makeup Brushes

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If you’ve been following me on Twitter or Instagram then you may have seen a pic of some of my travel makeup must-haves. One of my travel and everyday makeup tools that I just can’t apply makeup without is a good set of brushes. Makeup brushes in various sizes and shapes are essential to beautiful makeup application. If you’ve never used cosmetic brushes before, I really can’t stress enough how much of a difference it makes in the how your makeup looks.

Affordable Makeup Brushes

Toss those sponge tipped applicators and small, impractical sized brushes that come with most drugstore products. Those are so hard for me to use. Instead I use makeup brushes in difference sizes for different areas of my face and it makes makeup application a lot easier. I switched to makeup brushes way back in my teens and never looked back.

Makeup Brushes On the Go

Currently, I have two sets of makeup brushes. One is a set that I have had for years and use everyday to apply my makeup. And while I haven’t cleaned them as often as I should, they have held up amazingly. But I wanted something specifically for traveling so I went in search of a set of makeup brushes that were not only cute but were easy to travel with. Once the set I had been debating on for a while went on sale I knew it was time to take the leap and check them out for myself. So I ordered the BH Cosmetics Pop Art Brush Set for my travel needs. This was the first time I had ordered anything from BH Cosmetics, and I was pleasantly surprised with the fast shipping and the overall quality of the products.

Travel Makeup Brush Set

The brushes are gorgeous! Exactly what I was looking for and oh so soft. They glide over the skin effortlessly and come in varying sizes to suite whatever your needs may be. This 10 piece set comes with a hard, cylinder shaped container to keep your brushes from getting squashed in your suitcase. The brushes in this set are: a powder brush, angled powder blush brush, foundation brush, complexion blending brush, flat complexion brush, tapered eyeshadow blending brush, fluffy angled eyeshadow brush, angled liner brow brush, lip brush, and spooley brush.

So far I’ve had no issues with the bristles shedding and I liked the end result of my makeup after using them for application. If I were to change anything about this set it would be to add a few smaller eyeshadow brushes like a pencil brush to smudge liner but some of the other brushes that come in this set that I wouldn’t typically use for this purpose can be used as a substitute in a pinch. This brush set fits all 10 brushes easily into the container and looks cute on a hotel vanity when traveling. There is a tiny bit of extra room in the container that one can even add a few more smaller brushes to the kit if need be. Overall, I think this is a great travel makeup brush set that is easy to toss into one’s suitcase when heading out on a trip.

How do you travel with your makeup brushes?

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