Plant your own Flowering Vegetable Garden

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I absolutely love Spring. Why? Because it means that I can finally start growing vegetables in my garden again. This last winter seemed as if it was going to drag on forever. But it has finally warmed up in my neck of the woods, a lot I might add, and that means it’s time for me to dig out my gardening gloves and start cleaning up the mess that winter has left behind.

As a part of the Walmart Moms, I was asked to visit my local Walmart to find some plants to help us spruce up our garden. Every year I plant a vegetable garden. I love being able to go out into my garden and pick various vegetables for our dinner. There is something so peaceful and satisifying about planning and planting a garden. So when Walmart challenged me to spruce up my garden for spring I knew I wanted to do something with vegetables.

Unlike years past, this year I wanted to spruce up the veggie garden a bit and add some flowers. Something beautiful to look at amongst the growing veggies. Once I arrived at the garden center at my local Walmart I immediately went to the vegetable plants to pick out a few of our favorites. I love that Walmart carries Bonnie Plants. For years, I’ve purchased Bonnie vegetable plants for my gardens and have had nothing but great success with them. Each year I’m amazed at how much fruit each plant bares. This year we decided on two Big Bertha Sweet Bell Pepper plants ($2.98) and one cantaloupe plant ($2.98). If you’ve ever grown any type of melon before you know that one plant is plenty for a small family as the vines stretch out and produce a good amount of fruit. Cantaloupe and watermelon need lots of room in the garden to stretch their vines so I typically plant them away from the other vegetables and berry bushes.

Walking around the garden center at Walmart one particular type of flower really caught my eye. Better Homes and Gardens is another brand that I love not only for outdoor living but also for home decor as well. So their is no surprise that these beautiful Double Date Trixi’s ($5.98) are actually pop in container annuals by Better Homes and Gardens. They are an easy way to create a beautiful container garden but I think they also look great planted in the ground amongst the vegetables as they add just the right amount of contrasting color to the space. I love that these containers are a mix of both yellow and purple flowers which is the central theme for our outdoor decorating.

Lastly, I also found a ground cover plant to hopefully fill in the vacant space once everything starts to grow. Of course I picked the Wave Petunias ($3.98) in purple as well.

Once home, it was time for the hard work…cleaning out the vegetable garden to plant our new plants. Once all of the weeds were pulled and the soil tilled it was time to plant. I opted to plant the pepper in the center of some old tomato cages as I’ve found it helps the plant not fall over when it is baring fruit. The flowers I alternated along the front leaving enough room in between each plant in order for them to spread out and have plenty of room to grow biggger.

I’m in love with the way that our flowering vegetable garden has turned out so far and this is only the beginning. I’m sure we will be adding more vegetables, fruits, and flowers to fill up the rest of our garden before summer hits. For more gardening tips visit Walmart has everything one needs for spring gardens and lawn care.

What vegetables do you like to plant?

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