Affordable Summer Craft Kits for Kids

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My kids idea of summer fun is playing video games all day long. While they may get a bit more game time during the relaxing summer months, its good to set aside time during the day to get creative. Walmart asked me to share some summer crafts for kid’s with all of you as a part of the Walmart Moms. So I went to my local store to see what I could find.

Affordable Summer Craft Kits for Kids

When it comes to crafting, my kids have an attention span of about an hour. So when I’m looking for crafts for my kids, I’m looking for the ones that are quick and fairly easy. Browsing the craft section at Walmart, I stumbled upon a display at the end of the aisle that was all about getting crafty during the summer months. There were many different kits to choose from with a price point of just $4.97. So I picked up the Camp Create! Primary Ulitmate Fuzzy Kit, Camp Create! Rainbow Melty Beads, and a Paracord Bracelet Kit for my kidlets and I to get crafty with. These are just a few of the craft kit that Walmart has available. Some of the other kits that I saw were: Pony Beads, Activity Craft Tub, Parachute Cords, Friendship Thread, and Bungee Cords. With these affordable kits, the crafting project ideas are endless.

Affordable Summer Craft Kits for Kids: Ultimate Fuzzy Kit

The first craft that we tried was the Camp Create! Primary Ultimate Fuzzy Kit. This is a very basic kit that consists of pip cleaners, poms in various sizes, and foam sticks. For younger kids, this is a good craft kit as they can make funny looking little fuzzy creatures. There is no glue or anything included in the kit, so kids will need assistance in glueing poms or pipe cleaners together. My little one and I had fun creating our different creatures. I think they came out pretty cute, don’t you?

Affordable Summer Craft Kits for Kids:  Primary Ulitmate Fuzzy Kit

Next, it was onto trying out the Camp Create! Rainbow Melty Beads kit. This kit only contains the assorted beads plus two wax paper sheets. If one already has the melty beads pegboards, then this would be a good kit to continue crafting. If not, Walmart also sells the melty beads pegboards separately in a pack of 3 for just $.97.

Affordable Summer Craft Kits for Kids: Melty Beads

Crafting with Melty Beads is as simple as placing beads onto pegs in whatever pattern you would like to create. Then, an adult uses an iron to melt the beds under wax paper. One thing I would like to note about crafting with Melty Beads is pay close attention to the temperature of your iron. The iron does not have to be very hot to melt the beads. If the iron is too hot it will not only melt the beads but also the pegboard as well.

Affordable Summer Craft Kits for Kids: Melty Beads

My kids, ages 7 & 9, both loved crafting with the melty beads. They are both BIG into Lego’s and Minecraft, so they enjoyed putting the beads together to make different patterns inspired by their favorite characters. As a parent it is fun to see what different patterns the kids come up with. There are 4,250 beads in this kit for lots of crafting this summer.

Affordable Summer Craft Kits for Kids: Melty Beads Craft Kit

I remember crafting with melty beads when I was a kid. My brother and I used to make these during the summer all the time. I love that melty beads are still available so that I can share the fun with my boys as well. There are lots of patterns available at if you need some inspiration as well as how-to tips & tutorials.

Affordable Summer Craft Kits for Kids:  How-to Paracord Bracelet

Lastly, I found a kit geared towards older kids, a Paracord Bracelet Kit. By now, you may have seen a paracord bracelet or know about the craze, so I was excited to find a kit to make our own bracelets at home. I’ve seen the rope at Walmart before but didn’t know how to make the bracelet, so I’m super excited to see that there is now a kit available with instructions on how to tie the bracelet. This kit can make 6 paracord bracelets in various colors. This craft would be great for teens. Tying a paracord bracelet isn’t too difficult. I was able to make a completed bracelet in about one hour.

Affordable Summer Craft Kits for Kids: Paracord Bracelet Kit

These are just a few of the many affordable craft products and kits available at Walmart. Whether its a rainy day or just too hot to play outside, I want to encourage you to take a time out, turn off the devices, and get crafty with your kids. You might be surprised what you can create together.

What kinds of crafts do your kids like to do during the summer months?

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