Travel Friendly Perfume for your Carry-on Bag

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I’ve already mentioned several travel tips to help keep you looking fabulous on the go like what to pack in your handbag when traveling, what makeup to pack in your carry-on bag, and what 3 oz or smaller liquids to pack plus some of my favorite on-the-go products like a travel friendly makeup brush set, Maybelline Baby Lips, and the Beijing Go Eyeshadow Palette. Today I’m offering another travel tip that will make packing a little easier. We as divas love to smell good, right? But carrying our favorite scent with us can prove challenging especially if our favorite perfume isn’t in a container small enough to meet the 3 oz. or smaller liquid rule for our carry-on bag during flight. So what are we to do?

Travel Friendly Perfumje for Your Carry-On Bag

Traveling without any type of perfume just isn’t an option for me. I love to at least smell nice when I arrive at my final destination no matter how long the flight might be. So how do I do this? I recently found a solution for traveling with a favorite scent without taking up more space in my liquid bag. As I’ve mentioned before, space in my quart size bag for liquids is precious and I only use that space for the products that I absolutely have to carry with me like my favorite shampoo and conditioner. I recently came across a solid perfume stick that is perfect for travel. I found mine at Walmart but you can find them in a variety of places. Solid perfume pencils are ideal for travel because they aren’t liquid and can be easily stored in your makeup bag.

Smell Good on the Go with Travel Size Perfume

I use the solid perfume pencils the same way that I would a regular spritz bottle. Instead of spraying, I simply drag the perfume pencil on various places like the inside of both wrists and the back of my neck. While a solid perfume pencil would be great to use every day, I store it for trips only so I know that I always have a favorite scent in my travel kit to take with me on-the-go.

How do you pack your favorite scent for a trip?

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