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I can not even wrap my head around the fact that (home)school for us will be starting back in less than 3 weeks. Three weeks, are you kidding me? I just got used to the idea of summer and now it’s time to start getting back into the daily routine of “busy”. While I may be in slight denial that the first day of school is fast approaching, there is some necessary prep for back to school that must get done. As Moms we know that all kids have their own unique personality and style. My two boys for example couldn’t be any more different. One is interested in nature and science while the other enjoys gaming and sports. This year I’ve teamed up with Walmart, as a part of the Walmart Moms, to share how you can help kids “Spark Your Style” for Back to School. I visited my local Walmart store to check out all of the new back to school gear from clothing to accessories.

Spark Your Kids Back to School Style at Walmart

Spark Your Kids Back to School Style at Walmart

The first thing that comes to mind when heading back to school is backpacks. My favorite aspect of going back to school when I was a kid was picking out a cool backpack for the year. Backpacks is that one accessory that all kids will carry with them daily. My kids may not go to a traditional school everyday but backpacks are still important for us homeschoolers. As we take field trips or just while we need to go various places throughout the school year we more than likely want to carry some things to study as well as other necessities with us. With the boys each having their own unique backpack with them, they can keep all of the things that they want and need to carry safe and secure in a personalized and stylish way. I’m amazed at how affordable backpacks are at Walmart. From the basic starting at just $3.97 to the more elaborate designs with favorite characters and superheroes on them. I personally love a basic, plain backpack the most. I can remember when I was in school getting a plain backpack and decorating it myself with Sharpies. This is a great way for a kid to express their individuality and showcase their creativity. My unique, personalized, one of a kind backpack never looked the same from the first day of school to the last because of all of the designs, patches, and artwork I had added to it throughout the school year.

Spark Your Kids Back to School Style at Walmart

Spark Your Kids Back to School Style at Walmart

Like in their interests, when it comes to clothing my boys couldn’t be any more different. My oldest loves to lounge around in sports apparel while my youngest loves to dress up in what he calls “handsome clothes”. I like that Walmart has budget friendly options to match both of my boys style tastes. In my local Walmart store I was able to find clothing that I know both of my boys will love. Starting with my oldest that loves sports apparel, I found a variety of athletic shorts in many different colors, patterns, and styles. My son will wear these types of shorts all year long so it’s great that I can find them at Walmart for such an amazing price. These Starter athletic shorts for boys were only $4.97. Walmart also carries a variety of Starter shirts to match for just $4.97 as well, making a complete outfit for just $10!

Spark Your Kids Back to School Style at Walmart

Spark Your Kids Back to School Style at Walmart

My youngest prefers graphic tees with his favorite animals on them. When I saw this dinosaur graphic tee, I knew he would go crazy with how cool it is. He is a big fan of all dinosaurs, especially after seeing Jurassic World. This graphic tee was only $4.88 and to add to the “coolness” factor it also glows in the dark. Next, I decided to pick him up a new “handsome shirt” as he likes to call them. This plaid button down shirt by Wrangler was only $7.97 which my son loves because it has his favorite color in it, yellow.

Walmart carries a variety of clothing, accessories, shoes, and supplies for back to school for both boys and girls. I like knowing that I can pick up everything I need for my boys for the upcoming school year at Walmart while still staying within budget.

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