How to Create an Inspirational Wall Gallery in your Home on a Budget

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Whether it is on Pinterest or in our home, we all need a little inspiration or motivation every now and then. Not too long ago I shared how to create your own bohemian inspired wall hanging (a dreamcatcher) and today, as a part of the Walmart Moms, I want to share with you how to create your own inspirational wall gallery in your home to help motivate and lift your spirits. The great part about this DIY inspiration wall is that it can easily be changed, added to, and personalized to fit your current mood or needs. Because all of the products you need to start an inspiration wall in your home can be found at Walmart this project is also a budget-friendly way to spruce up your space this summer.

How to Create an Inspirational Wall Gallery in your Home on a Budget

To start creating an inspirational gallery wall in my home, I picked up a few inexpensive products at my local Walmart store:

  • 2 Mainstays 8×10 frames- $1.87 each
  • 2 Inspirational Canvas Wall Art- $3.97 each
  • Mainstays Photo Line- $9.87

To begin your inspirational gallery wall you want to first pick out some picture frames. I like that Walmart carries inexpensive picture frames in various colors and sizes. I opted for black because it will be easy to match and add onto later when I decide to add new elements to my gallery wall. I picked up two 8×10 picture frames from Mainstays. One to display horizontally and one vertically. When picking the picture frames I wanted to use I made sure to check the back to make sure that there were hanging options for both vertical and horizontal. Not all picture frames have wall hanging options so this is an important step to not forget.

How to Create an Inspirational Wall Gallery in your Home on a Budget

After I had my picture frames picked out, I went over to the framed art section of Walmart where I found two small motivational canvas art prints. I loved the message on both and the fact that they matched the color scheme I was going for.

Lastly, I picked up the Mainstays Photo Line. This photo line has everything you need including clips. All I had to do was hang it on the wall. Once I got home, I began assembling my gallery wall. First, I hung the photo line then I hung the picture frames and canvas art above. Both the picture frames and the clips on the photo line can be personalized. To do this all I did was print out some things on my printer and either put them into the picture frames or clipped them on the photo line.

How to Create an Inspirational Wall Gallery in your Home on a Budget

I think this is a great start to my inspirational gallery wall. I already have plans of adding on and expanding this space in the future. I love that this can easily be personalized by changing a few pictures or adding more signs. This project is simple to do and makes a great focal point in any room of a home. If you are looking to create your own inspirational gallery wall, check out the home section of your local Walmart store for picture frames, photo lines, and motivational canvas wall art.

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