Finding Beauty among the Chaos: Pokémon GO, Menu Planning, StumbleUpon

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Life is life. It has it’s ups and downs. There are aspects that we love and some parts not so much. Today, I want to start a new blog series that focuses on finding the beauty among the chaos of everyday life. While life may be chaotic at times, especially when raising a family, it is important to find something that makes you happy. Each week I will share 3 things that I have enjoyed that week. It could be a favorite product, an activity my family has been doing, or entertainment (I love a good binge watching session). So, let’s jump right in. Here is how I found beauty this week…

Finding Beauty among the Chaos: Pokémon GO, Menu Planning, StumbleUpon (weekly favorites - blog series - week 1)

Pokémon GO

You’ve probably already heard of this app that has taken the world by storm. For those not familiar, Pokémon GO is like a giant scavenger hunt. In order to find the Pokémon that are “hidden” throughout the world you have to use the app which will guide you on your journey.
I downloaded this app on a whim after I had repeatedly heard about it for several days. One catch and I was hooked. My whole family is. We play it together and go on adventures…in the REAL world….together to try and collect all 133 creatures.
If you tried geocaching or a simple Easter egg hunt, it’s the same kind of thrill. I would definitely recommend families play this game together. We are having a blast!

Worth the READ: Check out my blogging friend, Melanie of Modern Mami who recently shared 8 Reasons why Pokémon GO is great for families.

Menu Planning & Simple One Pot Meals

I’ve been very strict with menu planning recently. I did at one time have an entire month of meals planned out that would automatically repeat every month. But, you guessed it, after a few months we grew tired of the same old stuff for dinner. So I wiped my menu plan clean and have been slowly creating a new menu plan using recipes I’ve found off of Pinterest. Each night it’s a new recipe to try unless it’s a can’t-go-wrong favorite like macaroni and cheese night.
Menu planning is great. It makes shopping extremely easy and takes all of the guess work out of “what’s for dinner?”. If you don’t menu plan, I would highly suggest you start. And if you are looking for quick meal ideas, one pot meals have become my newest obsession.


Do you ever get to the point where you are just tired of reading the same stuff over and over again? Sometimes it gets a bit boring checking social media channels only to find the same 5 stories shared day after day. So this week I decided to visit an old social bookmarking website that I haven’t visited in years….StumbleUpon. StumbleUpon is a website that allows you to bookmark links that you find interesting as well as “stumble” across new sites that you might not have ever heard of before. I have found a good amount of new blogs through StumbleUpon that I have added to my feed reader, Feedly, which I read every morning before I start my day.

How did you find beauty this week?

Share your favorites on social using the hashtag: #findbeautythisweek. Or share in the comment section below. I’d love to hear from you!

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