Affordable Must Have Outdoor Accessories for Summer Family Activities: Walking Nature Trails & Pokémon GO Adventures

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Our favorite activity to do as a family is to go on nature walks. During the summer months we have a bit more free time so we try to go to the park to hike the trails as often as we possibly can. With the recent release of the Pokémon GO app we’ve been out exploring nature even more than before. My kids are obsessed with this game and it gives our family another activity to do together this summer.

Between nature walks, our Pokémon GO Adventures, camping, or a trip to the beach, being outdoors during the summer requires some planning. Of course, when it comes to outdoor activities as a Mom you probably don’t want to be the one stuck lugging around the picnic basket, your purse, and all the things to keep your family hydrated in the summer heat. When my family and I started getting out into nature more, I began researching what gear would fit our families needs for our summer adventures. As a part of the Walmart Moms, I’m going to share with you some affordable must have accessories for your families outdoor adventures that can be found at Walmart.

Affordable Must Have Outdoor Accessories for Summer Family Activities: Walking Nature Trails & Pokémon GO Adventures

Outdoor Products Traverse Day Pack

When we are walking deep into the woods the last thing I want to be carrying with me is a purse. Not only do I risk it getting messed up in nature it also isn’t practical for a nature walk. However, with two boys it is essential that I carry some sort of bag with me to carry items we need to keep with us when we are in the woods, miles away from our car and the city, like water bottles, my phone, keys, wallet, small first aid kit, etc. I looked at many options in the outdoor sports section at my local Walmart store and saw lots of great options for outdoor adventures from hip packs to coolers. I finally settled on a backpack made for outdoor use. The Outdoor Products Traverse Day Pack (only $9.88 at Walmart) has various compartments to keep you organized and plenty of room to carry all of the families necessities. Not only will this backpack easily and comfortably (it has a padded back and shoulder straps) carry all of our essentials for our nature walks, but I can easily carry it securely on my back with a sternum strap. Anytime you go on an outdoor adventure, it is always important to be prepared. So with this day pack I’m able to carry everything we might need in a convenient, hands-free way that will allow us to explore further and get lost in the adventure of the unknown. There is even an option to turn this day pack into a hydro pack for particularly long adventures with a compartment to add an H20 hydration bladder pack with a capacity of up to 25.1L.

Another factor that played into why a day pack is the perfect accessory for my families’ outdoor adventures is that we also enjoy bringing along a picnic lunch or a snack when we go exploring. But having to carry all the stuff for a family picnic like a cooler bag, picnic blanket, and food to our desired location would be just too much stuff to carry individually. Picnic baskets and coolers aren’t very ideal when you are walking a long distance (often on uneven trail) to get to your desired picnic spot. With the day pack, along with our essentials, I easily have enough room left in the backpack to include all of our picnic supplies as well.

Affordable Must Have Outdoor Accessories for Summer Family Activities: Walking Nature Trails & Pokémon GO Adventures

If you like to go on hikes, nature walks, or just hunting Pokémon I would highly suggest some kind of outdoor day pack to keep all of your essentials in especially if you are taking long walks often. The Outdoor Products Traverse Day Pack is just one example of the types of day packs that Walmart offers both in their stores and online as well. There are many more options like various sizes, colors, and purposes for the bags that one can choose from making it easy to find the perfect pack for your family adventure from nature trails to camping.

Affordable Must Have Outdoor Accessories for Summer Family Activities: Walking Nature Trails & Pokémon GO Adventures

Contigo Thermalock Water Bottle

Most summer days it can be unbearably hot, especially during a summer activity. Staying properly hydrated is very important for any outdoor activity. However, the problem is how do you keep your beverages cool for a long extended period of time without the use of a cooler. Since we go walking for several hours at a time, I wanted to find a water bottle that would stay perfectly chilled even in the summer heat. I stumbled upon the Contigo Thermalock Water Bottle ($13.28 at Walmart) and knew instantly that it would be the perfect thing for our outdoor adventures. This Water Bottle isn’t like your traditional water bottle. It is made of vacuum insulated stainless steel designed to keep beverages cold and hot. This BPA free, leak proof, 20 oz. water bottle fits perfectly into the side pocket of the Outdoor Products Traverse Day Pack. The best part is that this water bottle is designed to keep beverages cold for up to 18 hours or longer! So keeping a cool, refreshing beverage with you while you are out exploring nature shouldn’t be a problem for this water bottle.

What products help you make the most of your outdoor family adventures?

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    Hi, Heather great post I love that bag, I can’t believe it’s so sturdy looking at such a small price. Also when I go out on long walks I take my trusted fanny pack, I know:) but I still love the fanny pack. I also take a water bottle carrier, which ususally turns out to be whatever the smallest bag in the house is, lol. thanks for the post, everything looks yummy in the recipe section.

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