Free Printable for Students: Daily School Schedule Planner

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We’ve officially started the third week of school this week. While we have developed somewhat of a routine at this point, one task that I’m determined to improve this school year is staying on schedule. As I’ve mentioned before, it’s very easy to get side tracked when you homeschool. I’ve been thinking of all kinds of ways in order to keep my boys on schedule like making lunch boxes the night before to make lunch the next day easy to grab and eat.

Today, I want to share with all of you another way that we are keeping on schedule and that is by printing and filling out a daily school schedule. Every morning, I will print a school schedule for the boys to fill out on what lessons they need to complete and classes they need to attend for that day. The way our online school is set up this year, there is about 9 million places (I may be exaggerating here) all of this information is located. Throughout the days these last few weeks I’ve noticed that constantly checking and rechecking all of these places is really wasting lots of time. So, by writing everything down in one place that we can check off throughout the day is sure to eliminate a lot of that wasted time.

Free Printable for Students: Daily School Schedule Planner

Whether you are a homeschooling family like us or just want to keep track of daily homework, you can either click the image above or go to this link to download and print your own copy of this daily school schedule planner for students. This printable will come in handy year after year so don’t forget to bookmark it, pin it, or just share it with friends and family that you think may find it helpful.

What tools do you use to plan your day?

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