Unplug and Go on a Family Adventure with Robinson’s Fruit Shoot

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Whether you homeschool your kids or send them to a brick and mortar school, there is a pretty good chance that between the kids being in school and you in an office the time spent outside on a daily basis is pretty slim. Trust me, I know, I’ve been there. Days just get busy sometimes. There are deadlines to meet, assignments to make sure are completed on time, tests to help the kids study for, so on and so forth. There have been days in our own busy schedule where we haven’t had the time to go outside at all that day and that is just really sad.

Unplug and Go on a Family Adventure with Robinson's Fruit Shoot

Not being able to enjoy any time outside is not a very enjoyable day in my opinion. My favorite days of the week are the days that I get to spend some time outside with my family. So today I’ve teamed up with Robinson’s Fruit Shoot to encourage you to take some time out of your busy schedules with your family and get outside to enjoy a “Fruit Shoot Fun-Filled Hour of Play”. With no artificial flavors, no high fructose corn syrup, and plenty of water, Robinson’s Fruit Shoot is a refreshing drink option kids can easily take with them on their next adventure.

Unplug and Go on a Family Adventure with Robinson's Fruit Shoot

How to to begin incorporating more family adventures into your busy schedule:

Unplug Every Day. Many of us are so tied to our laptops and phones that it is hard to turn them off sometimes. Setting up a designated time every day of when electronics should be turned off in the house not only with make you work more efficiently but it will also ensure that you have some “screen-free” time built into your day. For example, everyday at 7pm my boys internet on their devices goes off completely. This allows them enough time to play, shower, eat supper, and get ready for the next day before bedtime.

Go on an Adventure. After you unplug, get outside with your kids. I firmly believe that a great way to lead is by example, if the kids see you doing something they are going to want to do it too. Several days a week our family visits a local park to hike nature trails together. There is something so rejuvenating about getting away from the house and spending a few hours in nature that will set a completely different tone for your week. This can also be a great motivator for the kids to get their tasks done earlier so that you can spend more time at a local park once they are finished. I want to encourage you and your family to make a goal of what needs to be completed then as your reward take some time to get outside and enjoy an adventure together. Go explore, it’s fun!

Keep Easy to Grab on-the-go Snacks and Drinks. Between busy schedules, sports, and daily activities staying fueled and hydrated can be a challenge. Sure it is easy to go through a drive-thru when you are out and about but those little trips can be costly. By stocking healthy, portable drinks and snacks at home it’s easier to tackle your many to-do’s on the go as you can easily just grab and go. Make your own snack sized bags of healthy treats like pretzels or trail mix. Protein bars also make for a great on-the-go snack but don’t forget something to keep you hydrated while you are on the go. Available in multipacks, Robinson’s Fruit Shoot is a great on-the-go fruit drink option to have on hand for kids. Fruit Shoot is the perfect size for little hands and helps keep kids hydrated when they are on the go, on an adventure, or just during study time after school.

Unplug and Go on a Family Adventure with Robinson's Fruit Shoot

Fruit Shoot is made with real fruit from concentrate which is available in two different varieties: made with real sugar (with green caps) and no sugar added (with silver caps) and 6 unique flavors: Strawberry & Raspberry, Berry Burst, Orange & Mango, Pink Lemonade, Apple, and Wild Berry Grape. Look for Robinson’s Fruit Shoot beverages at a grocery store a near you.

What adventure did you and your family recently go on together?

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