Hours of Family Fun with Super Wubble Bubble Ball (Review)

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Do you ever see products in a commercial or store and wonder if it really works? One product my family and I have been curious about is the original Wubble Bubble Ball. A giant ball that wiggles and moves like a bubble as you toss it through the air, sounds like fun to me! The Wubble Bubble Ball has become increasingly popular in the last year in part thanks to YouTube.

Hours of Family Fun with Super Wubble Bubble Ball (Review)

We recently were sent the new Super Wubble Bubble Ball to try out and my boys were beyond excited to finally try one out. The new Super Wubble Bubble Ball is 4 times stronger than the original. It is made with Xpandium which makes it more tear-resistant and super stretchy. The instructions on inflating the Super Wubble Bubble Ball are simple. There is petroleum jelly included in the kit as well as a battery operated air pump. The pump requires batteries that are not included and the petroleum jelly helps insert the pump into the ball without ripping it. When you pull the pump out after inflating the ball, it will automatically seal itself so that no air can escape. After installing batteries into the pump, it only took a few minutes for the Super Wubble Bubble Ball to inflate. The kids were in the backyard playing “bubble toss” in no time.

Hours of Family Fun with Super Wubble Bubble Ball (Review)

The Super Wubble Bubble Ball may be strong but there is still the potential that it could pop or snag a tear. I had to remind my boys of this, often. While it is tempting to grab the ball with your fists, be very careful when doing so as you don’t want to accidentally poke a hole with your fingernail. If you do snag a hole, there are patches included in the kit but you only get two in each box. It is recommended to only inflate the Super Wubble Bubble Ball to 30 inches.

Hours of Family Fun with Super Wubble Bubble Ball (Review)

Overall, my family thoroughly enjoyed playing with the Super Wubble Bubble Ball. The Super Wubble Bubble Ball easily encourages kids to get outside and play. If you are looking for a gift or just an activity for the family to do that isn’t electronic, I think the Super Wubble Ball would be a great option. You can find the Super Wubble Bubble Ball in stores like ToysRus in several different colors.

Have you tried the Super Wubble Bubble Ball?

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