Quickly Clean Stains with Woolite Instaclean

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As a mom of boys and a pet owner of 3 small dogs, stains happen. No matter how hard we try to prevent them, I know that stains are inevitable. The most common area in our home where stains happen are on the carpet. Whether it be a pet accident or a spill of some sort, I think I probably come across a new stain in our home at least once a day. Being a parent is already hard enough, I don’t need my cleaning routine to be complicated as well.

Quickly Clean Stains with Woolite Instaclean

I was recently approached by the folks at Woolite to give their new Instaclean Pet Stain Remover with Oxy Stain Destroyers a try in our home. They provided an entire kit for our test with various samples of different types of stains that you may find on your carpet like foundation, coffee, tomato sauce, fruit juice, and motor oil. On the bottle it states that Woolite Instaclean Pet Stain Remover offers “permanent stain removal in 1/2 the time”. Some of the stains on the carpet samples we received were kind of light while others like the tomato sauce looked as if they would be a bit more difficult to remove. Regardless, all of the stains had been dried and sitting on the carpet samples for at least however long it took for the samples to arrive at my house. So these stains were definitely set in before we began our test.

Quickly Clean Stains with Woolite Instaclean

I laid out my carpet samples and began testing. I treated each sample individually by first spraying the stain on the sample and allowing the product to sit for 30 secs. After 30 seconds, I blotted or lightly scrubbed the area with a rag to clean up any excess. I was shocked at how quickly the coffee and fruit juices disappeared. Not even 30 seconds after spraying and I could no longer see the stains on the surface of the carpet. The other stains tomato sauce, motor oil, and foundation took the full 30 seconds if not a little bit more to allow the product to penetrate the stain. After scrubbing the treated stain after the allotted time the stain was easy to remove from the carpet without anything left over. The tomato sauce and foundation test really convinced me at how well Woolite Instaclean Pet Stain Remover works.

Quickly Clean Stains with Woolite Instaclean

I like how easy Woolite Instaclean Pet Stain Remover is to use. Just spray the area, let sit, and blot (or lightly rub) to remove the stain. Woolite Instaclean Pet Stain Remover with Oxy Stain Destroyers can be used on carpets, rugs, and upholstery. Woolite Instaclean Pet Stain Remover eliminates tough pet odors, discourages resoiling in the same area, and leaves a long-lasting scent. The scent of this product is pleasant and not overwhelming. I also like that it is safe to use around kids and pets. Besides the stains that I tested, Woolite Instaclean Pet Stain Remover also helps to remove stains from urine, feces, vomit, tracked-in dirt, mud, blood, grass, salad dressing, red wine, food grease, vegetable oil, cola, tea, and more.

How do you remove everyday stains from your carpets or upholstery?

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