Making the Natural Switch to Tom’s of Maine Long Lasting Deodorant

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Take a moment and think of your typical, everyday routine. Chances are that while you get ready for your day you probably use a number of different products from shampoos, conditioners, soaps, lotions, cosmetics, and definitely deodorant. It wasn’t until my oldest son started requiring the need for deodorant that I really began looking into the personal hygiene products that my family uses everyday. I was given the opportunity to try out the new Tom’s of Maine deodorant to see how well it would work into my daily routine.

Making the Natural Switch to Tom's of Maine Long Lasting Deodorant

Often times when it comes to trying new products, I like to try them first before recommending them to my family. So I made the switch, I ditched my previous deodorant and used Tom’s of Maine deodorant exclusively. First, let’s talk scent. Tom’s of Maine deodorant scents are unlike anything I’ve seen on the market. Their scents don’t smell artificial. Instead, they are fresh, clean and remind me of nature each time that I use them. The fragrance of these deodorants are very subtle and not overwhelming which I like.

It isn’t the scent that I notice so much as just the overall feeling of freshness even after a long day. As for lasting power, Tom’s of Maine easily goes from day to night. As for the formula I was pleasantly surprised as it applies smoothly with no dragging or pulling on my skin. I’ve tried other deodorants that contain natural ingredients with some less than pleasing results. Some wouldn’t last through the day while others irritated my skin. After giving Tom’s of Maine a try this past week I can definitely say that not only does it work well as a deodorant but it is also enjoyable to use.

Tom’s of Maine offers a variety of different formulas and scents that it’s easy to find a favorite. One of my personal favorites is the 24 Hr Natural Odor Protection Long Lasting Deodorant in Wild Lavender. Other scents in the line are Tea Tree, Refreshing Lemongrass, and Fresh Apricot. I love the scent of the lavender and how easily this deodorant glides on with no irritation. My husband loved trying out the Refreshing Lemongrass scent as he is a huge fan of the smell of fresh lemons. The Tom’s of Maine 24 Hr Natural Odor Protection Long Lasting Deodorant contains no aluminum and is made with natural ingredients.

Making the Natural Switch to Tom's of Maine Long Lasting Deodorant

I’ve been extremely focused on using more naturally based products lately. I’ve loved making the switch to Tom’s of Maine deodorant this week. I like that I can look on the back of a Tom’s of Maine package and see natural ingredients used in their products. I also appreciate that they offer a deodorant in their product line that contains no aluminum. Having tried it myself and seen great results, I wouldn’t hesitate recommending Tom’s of Maine 24 Hr Natural Odor Protection Long Lasting Deodorant to my family and friends. Now I’m curious to explore other products that Tom’s of Maine produces.

What is your favorite Tom’s of Maine product?

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  1. Alice
    November 25, 2016 / 3:12 am

    I loved it. I have tried out this deodorant and it smells is amazing. After so much of sweating this keeps me fresh and cool.

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