Binge Watched: This Week’s Must Watch TV, Movies, and Web Videos (Week 2)

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Has another week already passed? This week I’ve been obsessed with two things homemade chocolate chip cookies and working out on a recumbent bike. These two things have one thing in common, they are both the perfect activities to binge watch my shows. Watching a favorite tv show while working out definitely helps the time go by SO much faster, without it I don’t think I would make it. While homemade chocolate chip cookies are the perfect sweet compliment to a salty bowl of popcorn and a favorite show at the end of a long day. Don’t worry, I’ll be sharing the recipe for those deliciously addictive chocolate chip cookies as soon as I make another batch. The first batch didn’t last long enough to take photos they were THAT good!
Binge Watched:  This Week's Must Watch TV, Movies, and Web Videos (Week 2)

Enough chit chat, let’s see what I’ve been watching this week…


I am so glad that Masterpiece on PBS has started a new series. I was obsessed with Downton Abbey so much so that something felt missing once the series ended. Thankfully, PBS recently released Victoria and I can’t get enough. While Victoria hasn’t quite stolen my heart like Downton Abbey did, there is still so much hope and potential. Since we don’t have cable in our house nor does our digtal antennae pick up PBS for some strange reason I have to wait until Monday to watch each week’s episode. I’m curious to see where this series goes as I have no clue about the life of Victoria. I never cared for history back when I was in school but now that I am much, much older I find it absolutely fascinating. If you are interested in history as well, I’d definitely suggest checking it out.

The Crown

This is another series that I utterly adore. I think it is so well done that I didn’t want it to end. This is binge-worthy for sure. I couldn’t wait to find out what happened in the next episode. Before I knew it I was completely done with the entire first series in only a matter of a few days. I’m excited to read that Season 2 is already in production, I will be anxiously awaiting it’s release to find out what happens next.

A Royal Night Out

Keeping with the whole history theme this week and to add a little something to your watch-list to hold you over to the next season of The Crown is the movie “A Royal Night Out” on Netflix. I thought it was a fun and interesting glimpse of what it would be like for a princess to have a fun night on the town like normal people whilst remaining incognito.

What have you binge watched lately?

Got a recommendation? I’d love to hear it. Let me know what tv shows, movies, or youtube videos I should watch next in the comment section below.

Have a great weekend everybody!

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