Affordable Acrylic Makeup Organizer for Small Spaces at Walmart

Affordable Makeup Storage Ideas for Small Spaces

(sponsored post) As much as I love my makeup collection, the trouble of finding a place to store and organize it can be quite a challenge in a small space. My bathroom counter tops are pretty much non-existent so keeping my makeup in our bathroom simply is not an option for me. I always dreamed of having a beautiful vanity where I could get ready for my day so I created a "vanity" space as a part of my L-shaped office desk. The main area is for my computer and the little side part is where I ... read more

How to begin Scrapbook Journaling

How to Make a Scrapbook Journal on a Budget

(sponsored post) For a while now I've been thinking of diving into the journal world. I've been looking at all kinds of different journals, starter books, and kits. So when I was approached by Walmart as a part of the Walmart Moms to check out their scrapbook section in my local store, I knew now ... read more