Beauty Trend: Graphic Eyeliner using makeup from Walmart

Beauty Trend: Graphic Eye Liner (Video Tutorial)

(sponsored post) One of my favorite beauty trends for 2015 is the graphic eyeliner look. This eyeliner is much more bold than what we have seen in the past however don't let the look intimidate you. It is very easy to achieve this look and incorporate it into your everyday beauty routine. So let's find out how to achieve this bold eyeliner look using products that can be found at Walmart. The products that I will be using are the Rimmel London Exaggerate Eyeliner ($4.44) in Blackest ... read more

Kid's Decor on a Budget: Kids Bean Bag Chair on Rollback (Sale) at Walmart

Kid’s Room Decor on a Budget: Rollbacks at Walmart

(sponsored post) Kid's get excited with new additions to their room just like we as adults do.  With Walmart it is easy to add-to or update an existing kid space with things like a change of the curtains or even a new desk.  Happening right now on is the Kid's Rollback Event.  There ... read more