I feel so awful right now. I have a serious head cold that hubby and the pnut so lovingly passed along. I hate it. I have 2 days left to pack and I’m sick as a dog. All I want to do is lay around. Being 7 mos pregnant doesn’t help things either because there isn’t much medicine that I’m allowed to take. I have 2 rooms left to pack and I only packed one box today. Sad I know,…

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Wordless Wednesday: Week 3

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I lub dat hubby of mine.

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Thank goodness for the internet

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Getting out of here…

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Sucks to be you…

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Pnuts ABC’s

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Our 3rd Anniversary!

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Make it Stop!

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Brighter Minds Media

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Remembering my Father-in-Law

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Finally Back

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1 Christmas Present

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