I lub dat hubby of mine.

Hubby can be so sweet. He knows I feel like utter crap today thanks to his and pnuts cold they so graciously decided to share. I can’t breathe, I’m dizzy, pregnant, and just tired. Tomorrow is sure to be worse, for we all know that you get worse before you get better. Yesterday I woke up with a slight sore throat, today my throat is more sore combined with a stuffy/runny nose. Pnut still has his cold pretty bad but…

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Thank goodness for the internet

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Getting out of here…

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Sucks to be you…

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Pnuts ABC’s

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Our 3rd Anniversary!

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Make it Stop!

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Brighter Minds Media

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Remembering my Father-in-Law

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Finally Back

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1 Christmas Present

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Look what Santa brought us…

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