Spring Cake - Easy Easter Recipe
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Spring Cake – Easy Easter Recipe

The best part of this cake recipe is the surprise center! No one will expect to see the beautiful pastel layers of delicious vanilla cake inside. Wow your guests with this easy to make cake recipe. While this spring cake recipe is great for an Easter centerpiece with it’s marshmallow decorations, that is not the only occasion this cake would be perfect for. Spring is the perfect time for cake! There are plenty of BBQ’s, Birthday Parties, and other special occasions where this cake would make the perfect centerpiece.

Peach Watermelon Salad
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Peach and Watermelon Fresh Fruit Salad

Summer fruits, peaches and watermelon, paired perfectly with peppermint leaves for a refreshing salad to feed a crowd. One of my favorite ways to enjoy fruit is in the form of a salad. Mixing different types of fruit together is a wonderful way to add some variety to your diet. Even though this fruit salad is so simple and easy to make, it will sure to be a great side dish or snack for your next get together. Sometimes the simplest things end up being the best recipes. Just one tip before you go: Always buy fruit when it is in season for the best, sweetest fruit possible.

Mini Lemon Berry Trifle Recipe: dessert using fresh fruitfrom Walmart served in mini mason jars

Mini Lemon Berry Trifle Dessert Recipe using Fresh Fruit

These mini lemon berry trifle are perfect to have in the fridge for a quick dessert during the week. I love a simple dessert that I can just grab out of the fridge and enjoy. Our favorite aspect of summer is fresh fruit. We always keep our fridge well stocked with a variety of fresh fruit both during the summer and the other months throughout the year. Fruit is one of our favorite snacks. While this dessert isn’t considered to be “healthy”. It does utilize some of our favorite summer fruits: strawberries and raspberries. You, of course, can substitute any …