Not Your Mamas Sangria Recipe

Not Your Mamas Sangria Recipe

It’s Leo season! What better way to celebrate the sunniest time of year than with a refreshing glass of sangria at the end of a hot summer day. Not your mamas sangria recipe is light and perfectly balanced with a little bit of sweetness. The pop of citrus flavors really shines in this sangria recipe made with moscato white wine and coconut water. This cocktail recipe is so easy to make you’ll want to keep a batch made in the fridge all summer long.

Grab and Go Matcha Latte Recipe
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Grab & Go Mason Jar Matcha

Rock your morning with a refreshingly cool matcha latte. This matcha can be made in a mason jar and stored in the fridge to grab and go when heading out the door. Matcha is considered a superfood because of all of its amazing health benefits. Because you are consuming the entire leaf, you get all of the health benefits that are in green tea leaves. Matcha can be used in a variety of ways from lattes like I’m going to show you today to smoothies and even baked goods.

Water Challenge Results
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Drinking Nothing but Water Ruined My Life

When you read articles about the benefits of drinking water, none of them tell you that it will ruin the life that you know. So I took the water challenge and decided I would be drinking nothing but water from this point forward. Let me back up and explain. About 6-ish months ago I decided to make myself like drinking water. I hated the taste of water but I “knew” that it was good for me and that I probably should be drinking it. You read any health article and most if not all of them say to “drink more …