Family Meal Plan

As a homeschooling mom of boys, I’ve learned over the years that one trick to making my days and my week run a bit more smoothly is by having a meal plan in place for my families lunches and dinners. I whole heartedly believe that food is medicine and that it is extremely important to be cautious of the products you consume. This is why I try to make the majority of our meals homemade from scratch. Whether you are looking for new lunch or dinner ideas for your family or just curious what we eat in a day below you will find our family meal plan.

Feel free to follow along, you can “subscribe” to this calendar by clicking that “Add to (+) Google Calendar” button at the bottom of the month. By doing so you can add our “Family Lunch & Dinner Meal Plan” to your own google calendar. This calendar will update automatically whenever I make any type of change like adding recipes.

Favorite Family Recipes

Want to make your own family meal plan? You can use our “Family Lunch & Dinner Meal Plan” as a guide or you can create a meal plan with your own families favorite recipes. Here are some of my families favorite recipes, I’m sure you’ll see these listed frequently in our “Family Lunch & Dinner Meal Plan”.

Summer Fruit Salad with Brown Sugar Lime Dressing
Vegetarian Instant Pot Chili Recipe (Electric Pressure Cooker)
How to make Jasmine Rice in an Instant Pot (Pressure Cooker Recipe)
Southern Boiled Peanut Recipe6+9
Baked Banana Bread Oatmeal Recipe