Peach and Watermelon Fresh Fruit Salad

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Summer fruits, peaches and watermelon, paired perfectly with peppermint leaves for a refreshing salad to feed a crowd.
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Summer is here and so are all of the fresh fruits like peaches and watermelon. As soon as spring hits, I’m stocking my fridge with all of the fresh fruits and vegetables. One easy to way to enjoy fresh fruit this summer is in a fruit salad. Made of deliciously ripe peaches and thirst-quenching watermelon it’s easy to beat the heat with this recipe. This peach and watermelon fresh fruit salad is sure to be a hit at your next gathering.

It’s true what they say, fruits and vegetables tastes best when they are in season. So take advantage of this wonderful season that we are in and enjoy as many fresh fruits and vegetables that you can.

Peach & Watermelon Fresh Fruit Salad
Peach & Watermelon Fresh Fruit Salad

Since I have a bit of a sweet tooth, I can’t seem to get enough fresh fruit throughout the warmer months. Not only do they satisfy that sweet craving but they are also a healthier alternative to cookies or candy. One of my favorite ways to enjoy fruit is in the form of a salad. Mixing different types of fruit together is a wonderful way to add some variety to your diet.

Perfect for a Hot Summer Day: Peach and Watermelon Fresh Fruit Salad

Living in the peach state, peaches are some of the first fruits you see at roadside stands and farmers markets. There are several peach orchards around where I live. These local farms will often sell not only fresh peaches but also various products made from those peaches. Have you ever had peach flavored BBQ sauce or peach ice cream?

Along with peaches, watermelon is also a fruit that you will often find in my fridge in the summer. I love seedless watermelons because it is such a wonderful way to cool down on a scorching hot summer day here in GA. We like ours to be cut into cubes and chilled in the fridge. Watermelons are great for large families as they are large enough to feed a crowd.

Peach & Watermelon Fresh Fruit Salad

Peach and Watermelon Fresh Fruit Salad

The Domestic Diva
Summer fruits, peaches and watermelon, paired perfectly with peppermint leaves for a refreshing salad to feed a crowd.
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Prep Time 15 minutes
Course Salad, Side Dish, Snack
Cuisine American
Servings 10 people


  • 1 seedless watermelon
  • 10 peaches
  • fresh peppermint leaves


  • Remove watermelon rind, then cut and cube watermelon and place in a large bowl.
  • Remove pits from the peaches, and slice each peach into 8-12 slices.
  • Remove stems from peppermint leaves. The amount of peppermint leaves needed are dependent upon personal taste preference and the amount of fruit. Peppermint leaves should be more of a garnish as the leaves are very strong in flavor.
  • In a trifle dish or large bowl, layer the watermelon and peaches with a few peppermint leaves on top of each layer.
  • Serve immediately. Can be stored in refrigerator for 1-2 days.


A brown sugar lime dressing would also be a delicious addition to this fruit salad to add another layer of flavor. 
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Even though this fruit salad is so simple and easy to make, I’m sure it will be a great side dish or snack for your next get together. Sometimes the simplest things end up being the best recipes. Just one tip before you go: Always buy fruit when it is in season for the best, sweetest fruit possible. If you find this recipe in the dead of winter, save it and come back to it in the summer months. Just because you may be able to find peaches or watermelon at the store all year round doesn’t mean that they will be any good unless it is during the peak of their season during the late spring and summer months.

This summer fruit salad is so beautiful it is best served in a clear glass bowl or trifle dish.

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  1. It sounds so amazing I must give this recipe a try.

  2. This sounds like a great combination. The crunch of the watermelon would go so well with peaches. I’ll have to try this before summer fruits are gone!

  3. Monica Simpson says:

    I love fresh peaches with fresh mint! This sounds super refreshing!

  4. Love fruit salads like this! They are perfect year-round! Going to have to give this a try soon!

  5. Melissa Cushing says:

    Wow… you mixed up two of my absolute favorite fruits! This looks so yummy an refreshing!

  6. Now this is my kind of salad. This does sound gorgeous, I love watermelon and peaches. I’ve never combined them in a salad.

  7. Richelle Milar says:

    This looks absolutely delicious! I would really love to try this recipe!

  8. Wow! This salad looks amazingly delicious. Plus the light color it gives makes it cool to the eye! Perfect for afternoon fruit to eat! Loved it!

  9. This sounds amazing. I love a good fresh fruit salad. They’re my favorite. Fruit is so delicious.

  10. This would make a fresh side dish for those heavier main dishes.

  11. This salad looks really refreshing! I would love to have this for dessert tonight.

  12. This is my kind of salad. I just love fruit salad and this one looks delish!

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