Patriotic Flag Dessert: Strawberry, Banana, and Blueberry Shortcake Recipe

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This post was last updated on: May 7, 2021

Today, I’m sharing with you all a flag cake that is not only quick but it’s also perfectly patriotic in honor of Independence Day. This patriotic flag dessert makes use of the wonderfully delicious fruits that are in season right now like strawberries, bananas, and blueberries while still keeping you cool as it is best served cold.

Patriotic Flag Cake - Dessert Recipe
This flag dessert uses fresh strawberries, bananas, and blueberries. Decorated like a flag, this cake recipe will be a crowd pleaser.

This Flag Dessert is perfect for Patriotic Celebrations: Fourth of July, Labor Day, or Memorial Day

The Fourth of July is right around the corner. This is often the time when many of us get together with friends and family to enjoy good food and lots of laughs with one another. If you are looking for something to bring to the party that will feed a crowd then I’ve got the perfect dessert for you.

Fourth of July, Labor Day, or Memorial Day this dessert is sure to be a crowd pleaser and definitely the focal point of your holiday spread no matter what holiday you are celebrating.

Patriotic Flag Dessert: Strawberry, Banana, and Blueberry Shortcake Recipe

Flag Dessert: Strawberry, Banana, and Blueberry Shortcake Recipe
Course Dessert
Cuisine American
Servings 12 people


  • 1 box of white cake mix – plus ingredients as recommended on back of box
  • 3 tbsp red, white, and blue sprinkles
  • 1 3.4 oz box of Banana Cream Instant Pudding & Pie Filling
  • 1 8 oz tub of Whipped Topping
  • 1 cup whole milk
  • 25 fresh blueberries
  • 16 strawberries- cut in half
  • 2 bananas- cut into circles


  • First start by preparing your cake. To do this follow the directions on the back of the cake mix box for a 13×9 inch pan. After mixing the batter, fold in 3 tbsp of patriotic sprinkles. Transfer the batter to a greased 13×9 baking dish and bake until completely done according to package instructions. Cool completely before decorating.
  • While the cake is cooking in the oven, begin to prepare your "topping". In a large bowl, whisk together 1 box of banana cream instant pudding mix with 1 cup of milk. Fold in a container of whipped topping until evenly combined. Cover and refrigerate until cake has cooked and cooled completely.
  • Because we are using a pudding based topping and fresh fruit, it is best to assemble this cake right before it is served. To do this, spread the pudding mixture you created earlier on top of the cooled cake. Then slice your fruit and arrange on top of the pudding mixture in any pattern that you like. I opted to create a “flag” pattern in honor of the Fourth of July but you could also do other patterns like stripes alternating the fruit.
  • After decorating, slice and serve. Any remaining cake needs to be refrigerated as this dessert is topped with fresh fruit and has a pudding topping.
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I think one of my favorite aspects of holidays is creating theme based foods. This dessert just makes me heart happy when I see it. It is almost too cute to eat. I did say almost because one bit of this delicious shortcake and you are going to want to have seconds….or thirds.

Decorate like a Flag using Fresh Fruit

Using fresh fruit like strawberries, bananas, and blueberries it is easy to make this cake a patriotic themed dessert. I used the fresh fruit to create the stars and strips of the American Flag. The strawberries were sliced in half and used to make the red stripes. The bananas were sliced and used for the white stripes. While the blueberries were placed in a square in the corner of the cake to represent the blue background of the stars on the American Flag.

What are some of your favorite foods to make for the Fourth of July?

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