How Mom Does Lunch with Tai Pei Single Serve Entrees

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What if I told you that you could have a delicious lunch waiting for you in your freezer? That you can easily prepare lunch in about 5 minutes? Tai Pei single serve frozen entrees are a convenient way for Mom to get a delicious and nutritious lunch. While they do offer classic asian dishes like fried rice, Tai Pei single serve entrees also offers other restaurant inspired flavors. Made with real ingredients, it’s easy to find your favorite.

How Mom Does Lunch with Tai Pei Frozen Single Serve Entrees (review plus giveaway_

Perfect for the Homeschool Mom

When you are a homeschooling mama, you not only have to play the role of mom but also teacher and lunch lady. I began meal planning out of necessity. Not only do I have to think about the meals I make for my family at dinner time but also lunch. Lunch time is considerably more relaxed in terms of meal prepping. We need to eat & get back to our studies in a timely manner. Often I will serve the kids quick fix meals like sandwiches or leftovers. But what if Mom doesn’t want to eat chicken nuggets with the kids?

How Mom Does Lunch with Tai Pei Frozen Single Serve Entrees (review plus giveaway)

I’m pretty sure I will always have a few Tai Pei single serve entrees in my freezer. I was given the opportunity to try them out. These single serve entrees kind of changed the way that I look at lunch. Tai Pei single serve entrees are available in the freezer section of your local grocer.

Available in a variety of flavors from frozen fried rice to chicken chow mein, it is easy to find a favorite. The same delicious asian dishes you find at your favorite restaurant are conveniently available in microwavable containers. Lunch is ready to eat in 5 minutes.

How Mom Does Lunch with Tai Pei Frozen Single Serve Entrees (review plus giveaway)

When it comes to microwaveable lunches let’s face it there are some pretty bad ones out there. But Tai Pei single serve entrees isn’t one of them. These single serve containers store easily in the freezer, microwaveable, full of flavor, contain no preservatives, and have an ingredient list you can actually pronounce. Each single serve entree cooks in less than 5 minutes.

How do Tai Pei single serve frozen entrees taste?

Each Tai Pei single serve frozen entree is delicious. Both the meat and vegetables cooked perfectly inside each container. The sauce added the right balance of flavor without being overwhelming. These entrees were not lacking anything, it was all perfectly seasoned. Also those portions, each single serve entree contains just enough food to help you finish tackling your busy day with over 10 grams of protein and many flavors being less than 500 calories each.

What I love the most about Tai Pei single serve entrees is the variety of asian food favorites that are available. It is easy to find a favorite like fried rice at a store near you. I chose the beef and broccoli, teriyaki chicken, and the chicken chow mein. The meats in these dishes was fantastic, it had a wonderful texture, and didn’t get overcooked in the microwave. I enjoyed all 3 of the flavors that I opted to try for various reasons.

Which one is your favorite?

Depending on my mood or particular cravings I might be having, I could definitely see myself eating any one of these flavors for a quick lunch. My husband loved the beef and broccoli which is his favorite dish to order at an asian restuarant. I couldn’t get enough of the chicken chow mein as I love asian noodle dishes.

How Mom Does Lunch with Tai Pei Frozen Single Serve Entrees (review plus giveaway)

How do you do lunch?

I would love to know how other moms tackle lunch time. Let me know how you do lunch in the comment section below. And yes, if you were wondering, that chicken chow mein tasted just as good as it looks in that photo.

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  1. These meals are so freaking good. I work from home myself and definitely count on these quick easy delicious meals to make lunch a no brained for me!

  2. Tai Pei is a great brand with lots of yummy choices. Very handy for busy weeknights!

  3. For frozen meals, I think this would go a long way. I like different tastes and types of food, I would much rather eat this than have something out of the vending machine at work to hold me over.

  4. Food for starving tummy in 5 minutes? Sounds like a good solution for those on the go. It also has veggies in it – who could possibly ask for more? =)

  5. That looks really yummy and fresh.. Not sure I’ve seen the product here in Leeds, Uk but I will look out for it. Thanks for sharing

  6. These look delicious.I like all the varieties of meals. I know my teen would love to snack on these.

  7. I try to plan my meals ahead of time, but it is good to know that this brand has great options. I have seen it at my local Walmart so just in case it is one of those days I forget my lunch I do not have to starve.

  8. I love quick and easy meals that are still nutritious for when I’m in a pinch. Tai Pei meals sound like just that! I wonder if they have vegetarian offerings. I’d definitely give them a try if they did. :) x

  9. These are so yummy! I have loved every dish I have tried so far.

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