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The Dish Monster

14 July 2009 4 Comments Disclosure

I think we have a situation here. That situation I would like to call the Dish Monster. It seems like every time I or my husband cleans out the sink, something or someone (usually me & my cooking) comes along and fills the sink back up again.

This is a never ending battle. That and the laundry, but laundry is to be talked about on another day.

Today my dilemma was the dishes. I believe I loaded the dishwasher at least twice and my husband once. Seriously, is that not ridiculous or what?

*smacks head on desk* I need to figure out a way to conserve dishes without relying on paper or plastic. I love to cook so I am always in the kitchen whipping up something but really how am I to cook without dishes?

I suppose the cycle continues tomorrow…..bleh.

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  • Iva @ Horizontal Yo-Yo said:

    If you’re anything like me, you find that the dishwasher is full of cups. There are only four in my family, so logically, we should have four cups, right? Wrong.

    I remember growing up being told that we were to use one cup all day long. Rinse and reuse.

    It makes sense.

    I also find that if I clean as I go, some of my dishes get washed by hand. It’s faster and I think it even uses less water.

    Like you, though, I struggle with dish, and laundry, and dusting. It’s just a never ending cycle.

  • The Domestic Diva (author) said:

    Iva….I’m totally guilty of getting a new cup each time I want a drink. I need to probably stick to the one cup a day rule too. I like to try to wash as I go but some times Im just too tired to want to fool with it, I’d rather stick it in the dishwasher and forget about it. Maybe that is just my lazy side talking :P I know what I need….a Dish Fairy!

  • Teresa said:

    Guilty, of having to load the dishwasher twice a day. BUT there are 5 of us.. LOL I try to use the same glass all day!

    One thing I do that helps with the dishes around my house is that I put all the plates, cups, silverware, sippy cups.. in the dishwasher and wash the larger stuff by hand. I worry about the pots and pans getting clean and it sometimes keeps me from having to load it twice!

  • The Domestic Diva (author) said:

    Teresa…good advice. I cook a lot, it always seems like the pot that I need to use is always dirty. Maybe I should try cooking less or washing as I go.