Easy Mother’s Day Breakfast Idea: Smoothies (sponsored)

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I’m not a breakfast person usually but come Mother’s Day when the kidlets and the husband want to do something special, breakfast in bed is a little too good to pass up. I’m completely OK with being banned from the kitchen on Mother’s Day, in fact it’s one of my favorite days just for this very reason.

While Breakfast in Bed is very sweet specially when one knows the work and effort the family goes through to make it happen, I’m proposing a different sort of Breakfast in Bed this year. Something easy & simple. Something the kidlets will get a kick out of helping Dad make for Mother’s Day Breakfast. Smoothies!

Smoothies can come any way you like it. And are super simple to make at home. All one needs is a blender, your favorite fruits, and a beautiful glass to enjoy it in.

The day before Mother’s Day I plan on slipping a note onto the kitchen counter that says something like “Mom would like a Smoothie for Breakfast” with detailed instructions on how the husband and kidlets can make it happen. I’m sure my husband will be appreciative of the note and instructions come the morning of the big day.

Easy Mother’s Day Smoothie

1 banana
10 strawberries
1/2 cup Orange Juice
1 tbsp sugar
strawberry to garnish & straw for sippin’ (optional)

In a blender, add peeled banana, strawberries with the tops cut off, orange juice, sugar (because sometimes strawberries can be a little bit tart) and a handful of ice. Pulse blender until fruit & ice are chopped up. Then blend on a high for a few seconds, make sure the top is on the blender or it will be messy. Pour into Mom’s favorite glass. Slice one strawberry halfway through and slip onto the rim of the glass. Add straw and serve with a smile!

What is your Mother’s Day Breakfast idea?

Note: children should always be under adult supervision in the kitchen especially using any type of appliance like a blender, etc.

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