DIY: Adding Personality to a Tshirt with Sharpie Stained Markers

I’ve already mentioned how I’m obsessed with cutting up old t-shirt’s to turn them into something new and 80’s inspired. So today I thought I would share with you all how I added a bit of personality to a recent shirt that hubby wanted to throw out.

Since starting my cutting adventure, there isn’t a t-shirt I’ve wanted to throw away, they can be turned into so many different things that I just can’t see wasting them. But one thing I’ve found is that just cutting up an old shirt can still look a bit boring especially if it’s an old plain tee my husband is getting rid of. Whether it be to cover up an old stain or just to draw out a fun design, sometimes I want something a little different in my wardrobe.

So with the recent Sharpie Stained markers I received as a part of the Sharpie Squad, I opted to turn an old grey tee into an 80’s inspired tank top. First by cutting off the neck and sleeves then by drawing a “boombox” and music notes up the side of the shirt. The Sharpie Stained makers I thought were easy to use, and can definitely be used for a variety of different projects although they are specifically designed to be used on fabric. I can definitely see my kids using these to decorate things like backpacks, tote bags, and canvas shoes. Can someone say future homeschool crafts?

Sharpie Squad MemberDisclosure: I am a brand advocate for Sharpie by being a Sharpie Squad 2010 participant. I receive product from Sharpie to use, and in return share my opinions of Sharpie’s new happenings in blog posts like these. All opinions are 100% my own.

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