Back to School DIY Tote, Shirt, & Shoes: Notebook Paper Inspired Fashions

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The other day while browsing my favorite site, Pinterest, I came across an inspiring picture of a shirt that looked like Notebook Paper. Since it’s Back to School time for us I thought the project would be perfect to recreate around this time. I grabbed my favorite fabric markers, Stained by Sharpie, and started brainstorming. I wanted a complete Back to School, notebook paper inspired outfit. So I grabbed a plain tote bag from my closet, a pair of canvas shoes, and one of my husband’s old plain white tee’s. Then the fun began….

Inspired by: Maybe Matilda’s painted Notebook paper shirt found on via the Domestic Diva on Pinterest

With just a ruler, Stained by Sharpie markers (the red, blue, & black), scissors, and “canvas” I got to recreating the look. Looking at a regular sheet of notebook paper as my guide, I recreated the look on the shirt, shoes, and bag paying close attention to the details of leaving more space at the top and adding in the circles for the “holes”.

With the shirt, since it was my husband’s, I decided to cut out the collar and shorten the sleeves by cutting them in half, since I’m obsessed with 80’s inspired cut off shirts. I also drew on both sides of the shirt, so it will be one continuous design.

The other day I wore my complete outfit and my oldest son looked at me and said “Mama, you look like a sheet of paper”. I smiled and looked down at him and said “Exactly! Isn’t it fabulous!”. He grinned and said “Yeah, it’s like back to school clothes”. *giggles* He’s so sweet. So since I got the “thumbs up” approval from my little ones I thought I would share with all of you my DIY Back to School outfit.

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