Quick Makeup Tip: Compliment a Smoky Eye with a DIY Nude Lip

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Today, I wanted to share with you all a really quick makeup tip. Any one that knows me knows that I love to play up my eyes. And the rule of thumb is that if you play up one feature then you tone down the other. So in my case when I play up my eyes I like a sheer or nude lip.

I’ve been looking for the “perfect nude shade” for what seems like forever. But unfortunately I’ve been coming up empty handed. I just can’t find a shade that is perfect for me. So here is what I do to get that nude lipstick look without the actual lipstick.

1. First I line my lips with a light brown eyebrow or eyeliner pencil. Um, yes you read that right. I don’t draw the line very heavy just lightly lined to give my lips some sort of shape and definition.
2. Next, I fill in my entire lip with a light pinkish/brown shade of lipstick (they are usually called mocha or cafe, something coffee related….I wonder if it is a coincidence that the lipshades I’m drawn to also are coffee inspired just like I am in real life?).
3. Here is the trick to get a nude look: take a small amount of liquid foundation, just a tiny bit, and dab on top of my lips ever so slighly. Adding more or less foundation until I get the nude look that I want. The lipstick will show through just a bit but will be mostly nude in color. If you use a lipstick that has a bit of shine or sheen to it then your lips will still have a slight shine to them. Blend very well.

So while I long to find that perfect “nude” lipshade, I’ll stick to this makeup trick for now.

Do you have any alternative uses for a makeup product?

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