How-to Tips for Black Friday Shopping (sponsored)

There is a reason why Black Friday is the biggest shopping day in the year, it’s because people love to save money. Some people go crazy over Black Friday sales while others not so much. Here are a few tips for surviving the stores this Black Friday…. has a “My Shopping List” feature. Add items to the shopping list directly from the Black Friday Ad. Print and take to the store.

    Tips for Preparing for Black Friday Shopping the Day Before

  • Scan the Ads: grab the ads from the newspaper or browse online (many retailers like Walmart post their ads online). This is a great way to figure out what to give as gifts, I know sometimes I’m a little stumped clueless in this department (buying gifts for people is very hard sometimes).
  • Make a List: write out a list of all the gifts you are thinking of giving plus the name of the person you are going to be giving the gift to.
  • Compare prices: now look at the various stores and see what the deals are. Try to stick to the list.
  • Use Shopping List Apps: one could always use an old fashioned piece of paper but since I’m a smartphone kind of person though, I love any excuse to use an app. There are lots of good shopping apps out there from free (like Walmart’s New App that has a Shopping List feature in it) to paid (I like to use the app Shopper, since I can make lists for specific stores)
  • Make List According to Store: If you are only buying a few things at each store, a list for each store will help keep you organized as well as make your shopping trip a little bit quicker.
  • Plan out your trip: if all of the shopping can be done at one store, that just makes things easier (remember Walmart has their Ad Match Guarantee). If not, then plan out the trip according to who starts their sales first so one is not waiting for stores to open (although it does help to be a bit early as lines are more than likely going to form for those big ticket items).

    Tips for shopping the day of Black Friday

  • Im a Coffee person so I’m going to be drinking lots of caffeine.
  • Stick to your list. We made a list out according to that store and we want to stick to it to avoid over spending.
  • Stay on Budget: this goes well with the tip above. Making a list is a great way to stay in within your budget.
  • Get someone to watch the kidlets. A grandparent, husband, babysitter….its easier to shop, especially for their gifts.
  • Shop Quickly. I don’t know about you but when I’m shopping I want to get in and out. Some stores are offering store maps to make it easier for people to figure out where the items will be located in the stores.
  • Above all be patient and kind to one another. Black Friday is a very busy day for everyone involved. No sale is good enough to get into a fight over.

Don’t forget that the deals aren’t just on Black Friday but also on Cyber Monday as well. For those of you that like to shop early, don’t forget about Walmart’s Christmas Price Guarantee.

Are you a Black Friday Shopper?

What are your tips for surviving Black Friday?

Walmart momDisclosure: I am a Walmart Mom. This post is sponsored by Walmart. I have been compensated for my time and efforts in creating this post. As always my participation is voluntary and opinions are my own. I am not a shopping expert. These tips are what help me, which may not be the same in your case.

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