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Mother’s Day from the Heart

15 May 2012 No Comment Disclosure

Mother’s Day this year for me wasn’t spent doing anything fancy. Instead I was shown nothing but love throughout the day.

The day started with my youngest running up to me saying…
“Here Mama I want you to have this. I used to play with it everyday but I give it to you because it is Mother’s Day”
as he hands over his beloved batman action figure.

Then the kidlets quickly ran downstairs with specific instructions that I was not to follow them. They were going to “make me something special”. So I waited and when they returned this is what they brought…

Two hand written notes, one from each of them.
“I love you MaMa. You are a super star! I love you Mom”
“I love you Mom. You are SUPER. I love you very much”

So the best Mother’s day present (for me) wasn’t something that was bought, but came from the hearts of two little kidlets instead.

I hope you all had a great Mother’s Day as well :)

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