Mother’s Day Manicure: Rhinestones on Nails?

The other day, after I had painted my nails a solid color, my husband said to me that he missed my “patterned nails”. So for Mother’s Day I thought I would treat myself to an at-home manicure. I rummaged through my nail care box and found one of my favorite products: Sally Hansen Salon Effects.

Sally Hansen Salon Effects: 220 Cut It Out; Small Rhinestones from Craft Store; Clear Top Coat

But whenever I do my nails I always like to do something different with them. Whether it is painting one nail a solid color while the other’s have pattern on them, adding glitter to the nail on my ring finger, or cutting the nail strips to make patterned french manicures. This time I looked to my craft/jewelry making box where I found some old rhinestones that I had used to bling out my laptop. Those would be perfect, I thought, in the center of the flowers on my nails.

After applying the Salon Effects to my nails, I then brushed my nails with a Top Coat to not only seal the Salon Effects to my nail (and hopefully allow it to last a bit longer) but also to act as the “glue” for my rhinestone. Using the smallest rhinestones that I had & a pair of tweezers, I would place one in the center of each flower on my nail after applying a Top Coat.
Note: use a top coat that doesn’t dry quickly so you have enough time to apply the rhinestone before the top coat hardens on your nail.
After all of my nails had one coat of Top Coat and rhinestones randomly applied, I then brushed them again with another Top Coat this time the kind that dries fairly quickly to make sure the rhinestones stay in place as I go about my day.

Now that I’ve found a new use for the random rhinestones in my craft box, I can’t wait to try out some other ways to apply some bling to my manicure.

Disclosure: I was given samples of the Sally Hansen Salon Effects from Walmart as mentioned in a previous post. This post, however, is not a sponsored post. I just wanted to share a fun and different way that I liked to use this product.

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