DIY: Homeschool Cubby for Daily Lessons

The chalkboard paint and I have been at it again transforming an old piece of furniture making it more updated and functional. If you’ve been reading my blog over the last month or so you’d know that we’ve already transformed a few other pieces of furniture with a few coats of chalkboard paint. It’s amazing how chalkboard paint transformed my kids bed, cork memo boards, a bookshelf, and my favorite transformation of all my blogging desk.

But our chalkboard obsession hasn’t stopped there. I recently tackled another often used piece of furniture in my home office. This is a rolling cabinet that we use as our “homeschool cubby” that holds the boys school books that they work in throughout the week. We have it so that each kidlet has there own shelf so for example my oldest son has the top shelf while my youngest stores his stuff on the bottom.

Both boys really enjoy using this cubby but I didn’t like how it clashed with my freshly painted desk. So why not give it a couple coats of paint. The entire project took about a weekend to finish.

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Like the other chalkboard projects we’ve tackled, we love the new look. I’m liking finally having some matching furniture in my house for once. Hmmmm I wonder what our next chalkboard paint project will be?

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