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Beauty Secret: How-to Conceal Dark Circles

16 November 2012 No Comment Disclosure

Today, we’re talking dark circles. I don’t know about you but dark circles definitely aren’t my friend. They can just about ruin a makeup look. With my fair skin the the area underneath my eyes is almost see through. No matter if I get my daily 8+ hours of sleep a night or not, my dark circles will always be there. I’ve tried concealer after concealer trying to figure out how to hide this area on my face the best that I can. But one technique has always been my go-to beauty trick for concealing those stubborn dark circles.

Powder foundation is my best friend because it hides those stubborn dark circles so well. Powder foundation also hides other imperfections I like to hide like the redness around my nose or the occasional blemish. I use two brushes when covering the area under my eyes: a concealer brush and a big fluffy eyeshadow brush.

To conceal my dark circles I get some of the powder foundation onto my concealer brush and gently pat the product under my eyes until all is concealed. To blend this area out and not look like I have a ton of product built up under my eyes I use the big fluffy eyeshadow brush to blend everything with the rest of my face. I then set the look with regular powder.

Powder foundations can be found at most drugstores or online. Some brands that I really like are L’oreal True Match Naturale™ Mineral Foundation, Revlon Colorstay Aqua™ Mineral Makeup, and BareMinerals.

What is your best kept beauty secret for concealing dark circles?

Disclaimer: I am not a beauty professional just someone who loves makeup. My experience may differ from your own.

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