Lotion for Your Lips: Carmex Everyday Lip Conditioner

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It’s that time of year when I can feel the change in the air. Not just the change in the seasons but the change in my skin as well. I don’t know if it is the cold air or the use of the heater that is drying to my skin. I’ve been using the Carmex Healing Cream on the dry areas of my skin but what about my lips? Nothing ruins a makeup look more than dry lips.

If you are a person that doesn’t like to wear a lot of product on their lips like I do, you’ll be excited to hear about one of Carmex’s newest products. Carmex Everyday Lip Conditioner is a different kind of product. It isn’t a lip balm but rather a conditioner with 13 moisturizing ingredients. This orange-scented lip conditioner makes lips feel cool when first applied but is quickly absorbed so lips don’t feel sticky or greasy. After the Lip Conditioner is absorbed it doesn’t feel like you are wearing anything at all. You can use the lip conditioner alone or underneath your favorite lip product.

I’ve personally enjoyed using the Carmex Lip Conditioner over the last several days. I like that it absorbs quickly and doesn’t have a greasy/sticky feel to it. My husband also appreciates this feature as well ;) The orange scent is pleasant without being overpowering. When this product is applied it made my lips feel “cool”. I like that it also makes my lips look smooth. I like to think of this product as a foundation for my lips. Just like how I apply a primer before I apply my eyshadow, before I apply my favorite lip product Carmex Lip Conditioner is a “primer” for my lips.

What is your favorite must-have lip product?

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