Knitting for Beginners: Ruffle Scarf with Sashay Yarn

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Do you know how to knit? I would love to say that I am a good knitter as knitting is something that I’ve always wanted to learn to do. I’ve tried to knit in the past but never successfully finished a project. So when Walmart challenged me, as a part of the Walmart Moms, to try out Sashay Yarn that they carry in their stores, I knew now was my chance to try my hand at knitting again.

Thankfully I was sent the supplies that I needed to complete this challenge, otherwise I would have been completely lost from the start. One noticeable difference with Sashay Yarn is that is not like typical yarn. It has a woven texture to it to create the ruffles and you knit it a bit differently than you normally would with regular yarn.

Being as this is the first knitting project I was determined to finish and that I’m a complete beginner, I did a search on YouTube for some tutorials.

As a visual learner, the video tutorials really helped me figure out how to knit with Sashay Yarn. In the photo below you can see how my knitted ruffle scarf turned out. I don’t think I did too bad, I mean it does look like a scarf afterall. Its not perfect by any means, I’m sure I missed some loops and I know I dropped some stitches a couple of times but I’m happy with the way it turned out.

Is knitting with Sashay Yarn hard? As a beginner I didn’t find it too difficult. Like most DIY projects there are steps that can be a bit of a challenge. The challenge for me was ending the scarf so that it wouldn’t unravel after I finished my project.

I think the time it took me to complete the scarf was probably around 5 hours or so. Of course, I was knitting pretty slowly since I’m just learning. Now that I finally have a completed knitting project, I’m looking forward to trying more knitting projects and finding out other ways to use Sashay Yarn.

Have you ever knit something with Sasha Yarn?

What are some more good beginner knitting projects I could try?

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