How-to Decorate a White Christmas Tree with Burlap (Step by Step Instructions plus Burlap Bow Tree Topper Tutorial)

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Are you starting to get into the Christmas spirit? My Christmas spirit usually doesn’t start until after I’ve put up our Christmas tree. But sadly, our old Pre-Lit Green Christmas tree that we had for about 10 years finally decided to bite the dust. The tree was still good, the lights however just weren’t working any more. It was time for a new tree and a new look anyway. Since we have been doing the same blue and silver theme on a green tree for years and years, this year I decided to do something completely different. I wanted a more neutral tree, something that would match our current decor and not stand out too much but still look glamourous on its own.

And so the hunt for the perfect, artificial tree began but it didn’t take long. I found a GREAT deal at Walmart on my new white, artificial, unlit Christmas tree during their Black Friday sale. I also got a great deal on new lights as well. So with a new tree, and a couple strands of lights it was onto figuring out what “theme” I wanted to do our Christmas tree in.

As a part of the Walmart Moms, I was asked to share a decor craft with all of you. Burlap is such a huge trend right now in the craft world. I am personally in love with the stuff. So with the giftcard provided I set out to my local Walmart to find everything I needed to put together a burlap inspired Christmas tree theme complete with a DIY Burlap Bow tree topper!

First I had to find the burlap. In the craft section of Walmart I found wide burlap ribbon perfect for the ribbon woven inside the branches of our Christmas tree and for our Burlap Bow Topper. Then it was onto the holiday section where I was on the hunt for matching ornaments. Walmart has a big assortment of ornaments in all sorts of colors to match whatever theme your tree is in. I decided on a variety of glittering gold, white, and silver ornaments. The shatterproof ornaments came in different sized variety boxes by Holiday Time: 41 ornaments for $8.98 and 24 ornaments for $4.98. Since I live in the south and rarely see snow, it is fun to add snowflakes into our holiday decor. So we also grabbed a bronze glitter snowflake ornament pack of 20 for $2.98. Don’t forget the ornament hooks, Walmart sells a pack of 200 ornament hooks for $.97.

When I got back home, it was onto decorating. First, I made sure that the tree was put together and in the place that I wanted. Then I made sure that all of the lights were neatly tucked into the tree. With 2 rolls of wide burlap ribbon from Walmart ($3.47 each), I wrapped the tree, tucking the burlap ribbon into the branches. We have a 6.5 ft. tree, a larger tree may need extra rolls of burlap ribbon. I tried to space out the ribbon as best I could starting at the top and working my way down the tree.

Once, the lights and burlap ribbon had been woven throughout the tree it was onto the ornaments. I had the kidlets help me with this part as it is their favorite part of holiday decorating. We carefully hung all of the shatterproof gold silver and white ornaments onto the tree. Then we hung the glittering snowflake ornaments. I think the snowflakes really helped make the tree feel more festive. After our burlap ribbon and ornaments were all hung, it is onto making our burlap bow topper.

  • You will need one roll of wide burlap ribbon. The ribbon I found at Walmart was 8 in x 5 yd. First, unroll your burlap ribbon from the spool. Place it onto a flat surface. Determine how big you want your bow to be, and place the end of the ribbon on top of your first loop about 3/4 of the way across your first ribbon.
  • In an “S” pattern, layer your burlap ribbon on top. Until you have 3 loops on either side.

  • Turn over your bow and gather it in the middle. Grab the burlap ribbon that is hanging off and wrap it around the center of your bow, bunching as you wrap.
  • Wrap the excess ribbon around the center of the bow one more time while holding securely with the opposite hand. So, you have two loops around the center of your bow.
  • Feed the excess ribbon through the back of the second loop and make a tight knot.

  • Fluff and arrange the bow how you would like it. Cut off the excess ribbon and tuck the end into the second loop on the opposite side. To finish our large bow and make it easy to add to the top of our tree. Cut a long piece of floral wire and also feed that through the back of your second, middle loop and making sure to go underneath the end of your burlap ribbon that you previously fed through that loop. Twist tightly into place to secure the ends of the burlap ribbon onto the loop of your bow and to make securing to the top of your tree easier. To secure to the top of a tree, simply twist the extra floral wire around the top branch of your tree.

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I am so in love with the way this tree theme has turned out. I love the white and the gold combination with the burlap. Everything we needed to create this burlap inspired tree theme I was able to find at Walmart.

What theme is your tree?

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