Personalize your Back to School with Sharpie and Duck Brand

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One of my favorite aspects of Back to School season are the supplies. New pens, pencils, and markers kind of make me giddy with excitement. There are so many possibilities with new supplies and as a child I always loved to write, doodle, and draw my way through school. On a recent trip with the Walmart Moms, we got to see all of the fun exciting products that Sharpie and Duck Brand has to offer for Back to School. One look at these products and I automatically start thinking of a ton of DIY projects that I want to do using them. I put together a few, fun and easy back to school crafts that you and your kids can do using just a few products that are available at Walmart.

Personalize your Back to School with Sharpie and Duck BrandAfter School Fun with Sharpie

You definitely can’t go wrong with Sharpie and Paper Mate in your backpack. There are so many colors that it is hard to choose just one. As a rule of thumb, for most assignments a student needs a good blue or black pen as well as some pencils. My boys and I prefer mechanical pencils as they hold more led than a traditional pencil and we never have to worry about keeping them sharpened. For after school activities, we also like to keep a few fun products on hand like Sharpie Stained Markers and Mr. Sketch Scented Markers (who remembers using these as a kid? so happy to see that they are back!). For studying, we of course have to have some highlighters on hand. I like the new Sharpie Clear View highlighters with the see through tips!

DIY Back to School Pencil Bag

But with so many new pens, pencils, and markers you are going to need something to carry them all in. While on my trip I learned an easy way to make your own pencil pouch. For this craft you will need a zip-topped plastic bag, a few Duck Brand Tape Sheets in the pattern of your choice, and some scissors. Start out by peeling your Duck Brand Tape Sheets from its backing. Place it sticky side up on top of your work surface. Carefully align the top of your zip topped bag with the top of the Duck Brand Tape Sheet. Place the bag on top of the Tape Sheet and smooth out any wrinkles. Then take a second Duck Brand Tape Sheet and repeat on the other side if desired. This step can be omitted if you prefer a clear back to your pencil bag. Once both Tape Sheets are smoothly stuck into place on top of your bag, carefully cut off any excess from around your bag being extra careful not to cut the actual bag itself. Fill with your desired school supplies.

Personalize your Back To School: How to Decorate a Laptop with Washi Tape

Duck Brand has come out with so many exciting products besides the Tape Sheets, now Duck Brand also has a Washi Tape line! Duck Brand Washi Tape is less sticky than traditional Duck Brand Tape which makes it ideal for decorating items that you may one day want to remove. For instance, I decorated my laptop with a few of my favorite Duck Brand Washi Tape patterns. It was as easy as peel, cut, and stick. I think this is a fun way to give a little personality to your back to school supplies and I like that with washi tape I can easily remove it later on.

How to Personalize your Back to School with DIY Book Covers

Last on our list are hard book covers. Do you remember having to cover your books when you were in school? Because we are a part of an online school we don’t get to keep our books after we are finished using them so I like to keep them as “new” looking as possible by covering them with kraft paper. To give these books a bit more personality, I decided to decorate the boring brown kraft paper with some Duck Brand Tape and doodles using pens from Sharpie and Paper Mate. I can remember many days passing the time in class by doodling on my book covers. Sometimes at the end of the year it was hard letting go of them.

How do you or your kids personalize your school supplies?

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