Beautiful DIY Easter Egg Floral Centerpiece Tutorial

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Easter is on it’s way which means lots of fun crafting time.  From hopping bunnies to adorable little chicks, Easter is a time to enjoy crafting with the kids.  One of our favorite craft times for Easter is dying eggs.  The problem is that my family doesn’t really like to eat hard boiled eggs.  So how do you enjoy dying Easter eggs without using an actual egg?

Last year we discovered that Walmart started carrying plain decorating eggs in their stores.  We love these faux eggs!  They look just like real eggs but are made to use in decorating.  You can dye them, paint them, and craft with them.  They are the perfect thing for Easter decorating.  So I grabbed several batches of eggs for the kids to decorate and a few other supplies to turn those decorations into a beautiful table centerpiece.

How to Decorate Fake Craft Eggs for a DIY Easter Floral Centerpiece

How to Decorate Fake Craft Eggs for a DIY Easter Floral Centerpiece

To make your Easter Egg Floral Centerpiece you will need the following supplies.  All supplies I found at my local Walmart store.

  • 6 12 count Decorating (dyeable) Easter Eggs – $1.98
  • 2 Gallon Jar – $11.46
  • Basic Egg Coloring Kit – $.98
  • Small, Round Tall Vase – $2.97
  • 4 Foxtail Bush – $.97
  • 3 Peony Bush- $3.00
Craft a DIY Easter Egg Floral Centerpiece using the kid's dyed eggs and supplies from Walmart

Craft a DIY Easter Egg Floral Centerpiece using the kid’s dyed eggs and supplies from Walmart

Start off by helping the kids dye the decorating eggs.  We used a basic egg dyeing kit that we found at Walmart.  We followed the instructions on the back of the box for dying regular eggs.  We added a tablespoon of vinegar to each cup of water to help the dye “stick” to the eggs a bit better.  Also we did not dye our eggs for very long because we wanted that pastel color.  The longer you dye your eggs the more vibrant the color will be.  The color also depends on the egg dyeing kit that one chooses as well.  Once all of the decorative eggs have been hand-dyed, set them aside and allow them to dry completely before arranging them in your floral arrangement.

To make your Easter Floral Centerpiece you’ll need a large container.  I found this large 2 gallon jar in the home section of Walmart.  You’ll also need a small, tall vase that will find inside of the larger container with enough room for your eggs to go around.  Walmart has a great selection of clear glass vases in varying sizes in their craft department.  I’m always amazed at how affordable their vases are.

Place the small, tall vase in the center of your larger container.  Around the center vase you want to place the dyed decorative eggs.  The center vase is used to hold the flowers that you choose.  I chose some gorgeous peony bushes that I paired with pink foxtail bushes.  I think the beautiful colors of the peony bushes compliment well with the interesting texture of the foxtail bushes.  One can also use real flowers inside the center vase if they would like.  I prefer artificial flowers because there is no maintenance as far as changing water and they last a long time.  Using artificial flowers, your arrangement will look just as beautiful as the day you made it.  Once you have your artificial flowers inside the center vase, start bending at the stems to make your arrangement look full and the flowers are in the position that looks best to you.  If you have any vase showing at the top of your arrangement between where the eggs end and your flowers begin, pull off some leaves from the bottom of your peony stems and  place them around the top of your large container to hide any part of the vase or eggs that you want to conceal.

Turn your kid's dyed Easter eggs into a beautiful DIY Easter Egg Floral Centerpiece using supplies from Walmart

Turn your kid’s dyed Easter eggs into a beautiful DIY Easter Egg Floral Centerpiece using supplies from Walmart

I love the way that this Easter Floral Centerpiece turned out.  I love that this is something that the kids helped me create.  Each set of dyed eggs always comes out differently so I like that I can repeat this same craft next year with a completely different look by using a different dye kit and artificial flowers from Walmart.

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    Beautiful! Your getting a nack for this kind of decorating. Granny genes.