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[10 Aug 2014 | 5 Comments | ]
What to Pack in Your Handbag When Traveling

I’ve already shared what products I cram into my quart sized liquid bag and recently shared what makeup products I pack with me for a trip away. Today I’m continuing this “how to pack” series by sharing what I like to pack in my handbag when traveling. As I mentioned before, I like simple. So when it comes to traveling I try to do so as lightly as possible. Over the years, I’ve tried the “bring …

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[3 Jul 2014 | 16 Comments | ]
Fourteen Must-Read Books to Add to your Summer Reading List in 2014

I have a problem. But I think it is a good problem as I have rediscovered reading. I’ve read books here or there, off and on, but haven’t quite been as consistent as I would like to be. Reading is a good thing, right? And I want to do more of it. With the warmth of summer comes the desire to fill my book bag and find the time to just read more. Lazy …

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[24 May 2014 | Comments Off | ]
Summer Reading List: Nicholas Sparks The Longest Ride

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Summer is almost here, are you ready? As a homeschooling Mom, I’ve been looking forward to summer probably more so than the kidlets. My to-do list has been piling up all year, and I’m hoping to cross the majority of it off this summer. One of those is to find the time to read more….a LOT more. I’ve been making a reading list all year of books that I want to eventually read. I’ve found …

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[29 Mar 2014 | Comments Off | ]
Walmart Moms Book Club:  Debbie Macomber “Blossom Street Brides”

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On a rainy night, I love nothing more than lighting a favorite scented candle, applying a facial mask, and enjoying a warm bubble bath with a good book. A relaxing spa-like day at home is the perfect time to tackle my ever growing list of books that I hope to one day read.
As a Walmart Mom, I was given the opportunity to read a new release by Debbie Macomber. Debbie Macomber is a new author for …

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[26 Feb 2014 | Comments Off | ]
Celebrate Dr. Seuss’ birthday with Read Across America

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I absolutely love Dr. Seuss. I’ve loved Dr. Seuss since I was a kid. And now as a Mom, I’m sharing my love of Dr. Seuss with my boys. Anytime we sit down to read a Dr. Seuss book or watch a movie based off the books we know it’s going to be good. What’s not to love about Dr. Seuss? One year, my kidlets and I even dressed up in DIY Cat in …

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